What’s your big idea?

On Thursday, 18 July from 12 – 1pm, The Big Idea competition will once again be launching across our campuses. This competition invites students to develop a concept and business plan for a social enterprise or a social business, and compete with other students at participating universities.

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Social Innovation explained in iChange®

Are you confused by social innovation? Not sure what it’s all about?

CQUni’s Office of Social Innovation invites all students to complete their orientation program known as iChange®*. The program will inspire you with stories of transformative social change, and equip you with tools, networks and creative ideas to drive innovation in your community and your career.

To explain the features and benefits of iChange®, we’ve asked our Rockhampton based Change Champ Monica (pictured) to tell us about her own iChange® experience, and why she’s so passionate about social innovation.

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Snap shot of Ashoka U Exchange 2018: Day 2 and 3

By now, you must have read about my first day at Ashoka U Exchange 2018.

This blog is the extension of my first blog entry and will reflect on Day 2 and Day 3 of Ashoka U Exchange 2018.

Day 2 started with the Changemaker Campus Designation Ceremony where 9 universities were awarded Ashoka U Changemaker Campus. It was followed by four keynote speakers who were Fagan Harris, Sarah Hemminger, Imran Khan and Casey Woods and who discussed ‘Is Empathy Dead?’.

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