How much can a koala bear?

They’re cute, they look cuddly and they are certainly not a bear. The koala – incorrectly referred to as a koala bear by some – is one of Australia’s iconic native animals, but the species has had their fair share of problems in recent times due to urbanisation.

CQUniversity expert in koalas, Dr Alistair Melzer, heads up a community-funded research program, Koala Research CQ, which is based at CQUniversity. Alistair is an adjunct research fellow at CQUni and has studied koalas at the University for more than 20 years. His research also encompasses other aspects of conservation biology including the management of environmental weeds in national parks and invertebrate assemblages in grazing landscapes.

The following excerpt has been taken from our recent Greatvine podcast with Alistair.

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