Dancing into my future

My name is Meridah Hunter and I have recently started my first year at CQUniversity studying the Bachelor of Creative Arts course majoring in dance. This course is CQUniversity’s first Creative Arts course in Cairns, and majors in contemporary dance, popular music and acting.

Before I started the course, I was very nervous and excited at the same time. I didn’t know what to expect from the course, the lectures, the university and the other students. However, I very quickly felt as if I had joined one big family.

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Juggling uni and kids prepares Gemma for life as a nurse

My name is Gemma Hale and I am a 31 year old Bachelor of Nursing student at CQUniversity.

I began part-time study via distance education in 2014 while my children were little; wanting to carve out a brighter future for us. I currently sit somewhere between first and second year with completed study.

I chose CQUni as they could provide me with the flexibility I needed to happily study whilst still maintaining some balance in my life. While based in Cairns, I am enrolled as a distance student meaning I reap the rewards of both worlds. I am able to use and engage in the study/social environment of on-campus offerings, but on days when commitments don’t allow me access, I don’t fall behind with material as I can study from home. I enjoy the diversity in utilising different working environments to enhance my studies.

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