A Dream Career Move

Hi there, my name is Daniel O’Connor, and I’m currently a third-year Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) student at CQUniversity Bundaberg.

I graduated year 12 in 2005 in a small regional town in Victoria called Maffra. Unsure of what I wanted to do following high school, I worked at a fast-food outlet for some years.

I then chose to study Remedial Massage Therapy a few years later and got a job in a local Chiropractic clinic. I enjoyed helping people manage their pain and achieve their goals of returning to the previous function following an injury. As a massage therapist, I felt there was room to expand my skills and knowledge.

At that time, a friend was completing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) at CQUniversity and suggested I look into the course. After researching numerous universities that offered a degree in Physiotherapy – I chose CQUniversity Australia.

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Enhanced well-being with the financial support of an Equity Scholarship.

I have to add that ‘well being’ is so important in my progress towards the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours).  As a mature age student, I was unaware that I would be an eligible candidate for an Equity Scholarship*.  My decision to continue with further study came as the realisation that I wanted to work with people, teams and groups in the community. Having already committed to lifelong learning, this was the next step.

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Life as a Physiotherapy student at CQUniversity

My name is Shaun Lynch and I am a fourth year Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) student who studies at CQUniversity Bundaberg.

In 2010, I was in grade eleven and participated in a weeklong work experience opportunity at a local Physiotherapy clinic. By the end of the week, I had fallen in love with the idea of becoming a Physiotherapist and helping people who may present with a diverse range of conditions. Continue reading Life as a Physiotherapy student at CQUniversity

My career decision has been no accident

Hello, I’m Renee Sorbello and I’m currently studying two Bachelors – yes I know, pretty full-on schedule, but for me, it was more beneficial to complete both at once!

I am in my third year of Accident Forensics (AF) and I have added Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) to the mix because together they will give me the opportunity to gain employment in a vast array of fields. For example completing AF would allow me to investigate an accident in aviation, rail, road and even industry such as mining, construction or commercial plants, however by adding the Bachelor of OHS I have now opened the door to not only investigating the accident, but also the ability to implement safety alternatives at all levels in the company. Additionally I will also have the qualifications to reduce reoccurrence of such accidents, making jobs safer, and putting the wellbeing of the worker first. Come graduation, my plan is to break into the field of OHS in Western Australia as an OHS Generalist, which means I can operate in many different sectors, even having some crossover in mining and rail.

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