Settling in, Inductions and New Friends!

My study abroad journey continues…

New Friends

me and house matesOur new flat mates arrived on Saturday and we were excited to see who would be joining us! To welcome everyone, I posted a letter on the door outlining my belief that if we sat down as a flat together to have dinner now and then it would help create a nice home-away-from-home environment and help us build a small network of friends that will no doubt grow over the term, cut food costs and allow us indulge in some nice meals thanks to my passion for cooking! And so we sat down for our first dinner on Monday night. Two of my new housemates were eager to learn how to cook, so I was able to relax with a glass of wine and instruct them from a distance…that’s what it feels like to be a boss! Continue reading Settling in, Inductions and New Friends!