Benefits of applying for a Scholarship – in the words of Arrow Energy Go Further Scholarship recipient, Jorja Wem

Hi, my name is Jorja Wem, and I am a proud Wakka Wakka and Wulli Wulli women. I am a full-time, second year student at CQUniversity studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science.

My career aspirations:

My career aspirations involve being apart of environmental circumstances among companies that do a great deal of impact. I am inspired to support the growth and development within these companies to sustain environmental matters and be included in decision-making processes.  

How my scholarship is helping:

My Arrow Energy Go Further Indigenous Scholarship has allowed me to balance my study-load, compared to my personal workload. Unfortunately, I will face financial struggles within myself, especially once vocational professional placement comes around. However, the benefit of this scholarship will immensely support myself during times of need, like completing placement or enrolling in more units in a term, allowing me to cut back my work hours. 

Thank you to Arrow Energy for selecting me as a successful recipient for 2022.

My advice to other students:

When applying for scholarships, don’t consider it, do it. It changed my life in a way that I never knew it would. It will only take a short amount of your time. Scholarships will assist you with any financial responsibilities so that you can focus on your future as a student.” 

The CQUniCares Scholarship program changes lives and CQUni is grateful to partner with Arrow Energy who share the University’s passion for making a difference in the lives of our remote students, their families and our communities.

Applications for Term 2 Scholarships close on Friday, 3 June. For individual scholarship opportunities, including eligibility criteria and instructions on how to apply, visit