A day in the life of an agronomist

CQUniversity alumnus Claire-Marie Pepper

Claire-Marie Pepper graduated from CQUniversity with a Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Security and is now a Graduate Agronomist with Northern Agriservices Ltd in Kingaroy, Queensland. Claire-Marie says her favourite part of the role is the variety.

“Even when you plan your days and weeks, something will always come up and change everything (this is not always a bad thing).”

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My agriculture journey in Rockhampton, Beef Capital of Australia

Ruby Hubbard

My name is Ruby Hubbard and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Agriculture at CQUni in Rockhampton, which I will complete in 2019.

After leaving school in 2014, I went to a university in Brisbane to study nursing. After 6 months of persevering with the degree, I finally concluded that it wasn’t for me – what a relief that was. I took the rest of the year off, to work and decide what I wanted to do, and this brought me to CQUni in Rockhampton. Continue reading My agriculture journey in Rockhampton, Beef Capital of Australia

Endless Possibilities in Agriculture

My name is Shallan Herrig and I am currently in my second year completing the Bachelor of Agriculture at CQUniversity Emerald.

During my first year of study in 2016, I completed an embedded Diploma in Agriculture through the Emerald Agricultural College. Before this, I also completed a Certificate III in Rural Operations where I found I wanted to continue my studies in the field of agriculture.

Fortunate to find a course that was exactly what I was looking for, I was able to stay local in Emerald and contribute to a rural area and community. I was also able to live at the Emerald Agricultural College whilst completing my studies at CQUniversity.

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