Build a travel adventure around your backyard


Dr Elena Konovalov is a tourism expert with CQUniversity’s Centre for Regional Tourism and Opportunities. Her research interests include sustainable tourism, community wellbeing, and digital innovation in the sector.

Need a holiday? I know the feeling.

This year was supposed to be my big year of international travel. Before 2020 had even started, I had three exciting overseas trips booked, all my annual leave used, and I was happily researching and planning what to see and do when I got there.

And then, coronavirus. Of course there are many many worse impact of global pandemic, and I’m counting myself lucky in so many ways. But with the first two of my trips (to Japan with my best friend, then Istanbul and Barcelona with my mum) definitely not happening, and the third one (to Hawaii in November) under a big question mark, my calendar and passport suddenly look very empty.

Luckily, travel is my expertise as well as my passion. My research with CQUni focuses on tourism, how and why we do it, and all the ways it impacts our communities. And across Australia, communities that rely on tourism have never needed us more.

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