How do I survive exam stress & peak study times?

To help you through your university days, we asked a few graduates (also known as alumni) what they wish they had known while studying.

Remember, whatever your journey through your studies, nearly 100 000 CQUni graduates have been in similar situations – and through the CQUni alumni bond, they’re willing to lend you a helping hand.

Here are some of their tips for surviving exams and peak study times. For more advice on your study journey, read the ‘What I Wish I Knew’ brochure.

Be organised! And sleep! Don’t be afraid to get a good nights’ sleep, study will still be there in the morning, and you will feel 100% better about your student life!’

– Danielle Kauschke (BN, 2014), Registered Nurse, Mackay Base Hospital

Watch your lectures & attend your tutorials! ‘Not missing even one tutorial pays off big-time at the time of the exam.’

– Rumi Bhuiyan (BAcct, 2012), CEO & Managing Director, Six Bangla Communications Ltd

Preparation is the key to success. To reduce the pressure at the end of the semester prepare throughout and be disciplined in your routine.’

– Blake Harvey (BEng(Co-op), 2005), 2014 CQUniversity Young Alumnus of the Year, Manager (Network Strategy and Policy), Ergon Energy 

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong just before assignments or exams are taking place. Guaranteed! You just have to be prepared so that it isn’t going to affect you.’

– Clare Bond (BPsych, 2014), Academic, CQUniversity

Break it down! ‘Break your study into bite-size chunks and attack each one methodically.’

– Chris Shields (BEng(Co-op), 2004) 2013 CQUniversity Young Alumnus of the Year, Manager, Calibre Consulting

Be realistic about your capacity and the time tasks will take. ‘Almost all of my tertiary study was through the distance education mode. This mode of study requires a high degree of self-discipline to be successful. It also necessitates a realistic outlook as far as how much time is available for study. Taking on too many units not only causes unnecessary stress but also negatively impacts grades.’

– John McGrath (BA(Hons), 2009), Associate Lecturer, CQUniversity


Your University is here to support you! Students can access a variety of support services including counselling, accessibility help and mentoring from fellow students or graduates. Find out more about the support services and resources we provide and how to access them. Visit Student Support for more information on the free services available to you.

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One thought on “How do I survive exam stress & peak study times?

  1. Stress is familiar to all students, I think so. Because of the great academic workload and the changes that take place during student years. Here this infographic summarizes the causes of study stress and ways to overcome it: I think it’s useful to read to all students.
    I try to manage my time and find a balance between studying and resting so that I am not vulnerable to stress. But of course there are often different situations when I am feeling stressed. And in this case I know how to help myself.

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