How do I get where I want to be?

At times it can be hard to imagine getting to, and then past graduation. To help you through your university days, we asked a few graduates (also known as alumni) for advice on how to get where you want to be – these are a few of their responses.

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Utilise your industry placements: “In my first industry placement, I had the privilege of working with some exceptional engineers who were experts in their field. They supported and mentored me and had a passion for teaching. It inspired me to become the best that I could be, to one day become an engineer like that. I now work at that same company and look after that same department and the 103 staff that work in it.”

– Blake Harvey (BEng(Co-op), 2005), 2014 CQUniversity Young Alumnus of the Year, Manager (Network Strategy and Policy), Ergon Energy 

“Rise to the challenge: “At one point during my Honours year, my supervisor advised me that I was capable of better work. When I advised her that I was doing my best she advised me that I had more to give and that I had to dig deeper. She threw out a challenge and invited me to respond. Her faith in me was rewarded with me being awarded the University Medal.”

– John McGrath (BA(Hons), 2009), Associate Lecturer, CQUniversity

Try to build good contacts and if you can, get some volunteer/part time/casual work experience before you finish your study. It gives employers a good vibe and it’ll help you understand the learning in practice.”

– Rumi Bhuiyan (BAcct, 2012), CEO & Managing Director, Six Bangla Communications Ltd

Contacts and relationships with local businesses through CQUniversity – then and now. I now work as manager of a local team of engineers, designers and drafters for a respected engineer I did some vacation work for in my last year of study – how the wheel turns…’

– Chris Shields (BEng(Co-op), 2004) 2013 CQUniversity Young Alumnus of the Year, Manager, Calibre Consulting

Strive to be the best you can be. I was on placement in my third year and witnessed a cardiac arrest of a young mother. The mother’s life was saved by skilled clinicians and ever since, I have strived to become the best I can be.’

– Danielle Kauschke (BN, 2014), Registered Nurse, Mackay Base Hospital


Remember, whatever your journey through your studies, more than 100,000 CQUni graduates have been in similar situations – and through the CQUni alumni bond, they’re willing to lend you a helping hand. You can learn from experienced professionals in your industry: sign up for alumni-student mentoring.

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