Financial Assistance for University: Rural and Remote Enterprise Scholarships

There are many options when it comes to getting help with your university expenses. Scholarships, in particular, are an excellent way to make university a possibility and help you achieve your academic dreams.

It is a common misconception that scholarships are purely academic based. Often, people tend to think if they haven’t scored the perfect marks, there is no bother in applying. However, a lot of scholarships are merit-based and there’s a much broader scope than people might think. There are many scholarships available ranging from assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and aiding women studying non-traditional fields to supporting regional students.

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Regional Australia or City? Where Should I Choose to Study at CQUniversity.

CQUniversity Rockhampton

Great news, you’ve decided to study abroad at CQUniversity, one of the largest universities that has locations all around Australia, and take up a new opportunity, adventure and education.

Now the hard part – where to study? CQUniversity (Central Queensland University) has 16 campuses scattered around Australia, we offer the largest physical presence of any tertiary education institution in Australia with a wide range of program and course offerings.

You can choose between the relaxed pace of a regional location, such as Cairns, Noosa or Bundaberg; or perhaps you’re after the bustling city life of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth. The choice is now yours.

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17 Free and Useful Apps for International Students in Australia

Mobile phone apps

There’s almost an app for everything out there, which is kind of helpful, but also quite overwhelming too!

We’ve put together 17 free and useful apps for international students in Australia that we highly recommend.

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‘Get it Together’ with the Library and ALC

Each term, the CQUni Library hosts a series of ‘Get it Together’ study sessions across different campuses. In Term 3, from Monday, 19 November to Friday, 23 November 2018, sessions are being held across our Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne locations and online.

These sessions are a great opportunity to meet the experts, seek advice, and find out how to improve your results. We encourage you to attend and here’s why…

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Stress less about referencing with these tips from the ALC

Are you dreading assessment submissions? Feeling anxious any time you think about Turnitin? You’re not alone! Referencing Related Stress (RRS) is a common condition among university students. It’s piling on unnecessary pressure and we need it to stop.

Lucky for all of us, the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) has the perfect remedy – a concoction of tips to help you cure RRS and stress less about referencing.

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CQUNI SPOTLIGHT – Featuring Dr Farzaneh Tahmoorian

Having recently come on board as a new Engineering Lecturer, Dr Farzaneh Tahmoorian has already made CQUniversity’s Mackay Ooralea campus her home. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere has made her settling in much easier and she is looking forward to a successful career in teaching and research at CQUni.

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Lack of sleep and alcohol – recipe for Melbourne Cup disaster

By Gambling Researcher Hannah Thorne

Thinking of betting on the Melbourne Cup? If you sleep too little, or drink a bit too much – maybe you should think again.

Australians are prolific punters, spending more money gambling per person than any other nation. However, Australian gamblers also experience a high amount of harm from gambling. Harm from gambling comes in many forms. It could be arguments with your partner about gambling and feelings of guilt, all the way up to not being able to pay bills, depression, anxiety and even suicide.

These gambling-related harms can stem from making bad gambling decisions, such as spending more time or money gambling than originally planned or gambling more to try and win back the money you lost.

We all know that drinking alcohol can cause us to make poor decisions and this is not good when you are gambling. A lesser known fact is that being sleepy can cause similar decision-making deficits as being a little drunk, making this also not great for your gambling.

Our CQUniversity gambling research unit did a study that looked at a group of people who gambled regularly and tracked their behaviours, including drinking and sleeping habits, over the course of a week. We found that there was a group of people in our sample that were different from the rest. These people were likely to gamble more than other people, drink more than other people, and get less sleep than other people.

These people that drink and gamble more, while also sleeping less, may have a common personality trait that causes them to do this. Whatever personality traits may be leading this group of people to drink more and sleep less, it is likely that these people are at a heightened risk of experiencing harm from gambling, since gambling whilst tired and intoxicated may lead to them making poor gambling decisions.

So, if you know that you are someone that may drink more and sleep less than the average person, have a think about your gambling and whether you are setting yourself up to fail. Perhaps betting on the Melbourne Cup is stacking the odds against you when trying to make healthy decisions about your gambling?