It all starts with iChange

At CQUniversity there are so many ways for you to get involved in social innovation, but first you need to know the basics. If you want to learn more about yourself and the world around you, let us introduce you to social innovation with CQUni’s online iChange course.

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CQUniversity Bucket List: 60 Things Every Student MUST Do

The activities you get involved in at university have a huge impact on your life. With so many opportunities available, we asked our student experts (CQUni graduates and staff) to share the CQUni activities that help you make the most of your time at uni and have the biggest impact on your life.

The result is a 60 item bucket list, filled with activities that can set you up for success in your studies and after graduation. There are many benefits to completing these activities; making new friends, learning new things, enjoying university life and knowing you made the most of your study experience are just a few.

We challenge you to complete as many as you can throughout your studies and share your adventures using #CQUniBucketList.

Some of the activities you can complete include:

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Your working rights as an international student in Australia

If you are an international student living in Australia, you either have a job (or several jobs) or know other foreign students who work. Very often, international students take on casual or part-time jobs in order to cover the high living expenses and to gain industrial experience. But first, it is to your advantage to ask this question:

“Are you familiar with you obligations and minimum rights while working in Australia?”

Here are a few things you ought to be aware of if you decide to work as an international student:

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Introducing My eQuals

CQUniversity will be launching My eQuals in January 2020.

My eQuals is an online platform that allows you to safely share certified digital copies of degrees and transcripts.

It works by allowing CQUniversity to certify and upload digital versions of academic transcripts and graduation documents via the My eQuals platform. You can then use My eQuals to share these documents with anyone you choose, including employers, universities and other parties.

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ATAR and me: A new relationship

By Chilli Crawford, a Rockhampton-based 2020 Year 12 student

As a Queensland student moving into Year 12 in 2020 – staring down the barrel of my QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education – the HSC and VCE equivalent), finishing school and applying for university – the ATAR system came as a very daunting surprise. When my fellow Year 11 cohort and I were told of the complete renovation of the old OP system and that we were the pioneers (or rather guinea pigs) for the new ATAR system, we were all extremely hesitant. Although the ATAR system made the grading scales much fairer between public and private schools, the influx of self-learning and teaching immediately displeased us as we felt as if we were already stressed and overworked as it was. However, in hindsight, the issues and complaints we expressed simply sprouted from a fear of change. As throughout my current and ongoing experience with ATAR, I have found that whilst there is now a significant amount of self-management placed on me, the system and marking criteria is ultimately quite beneficial.

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Work and study in 2020

International students working rights

Are you looking for casual work in 2020? The CQUniversity Inclusion & Accessibility Service is in the process of updating its register of Participation Assistants.

If you are a motivated person with sound academic achievement and willing to dedicate 1 – 3 hours per week, when required, to assist a fellow student, please apply.

Keep reading to find out how to apply.

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11 Ways to polish your assignment so it shines

So, you’ve planned, researched and written your assignment. There’s still one important stage of the writing process to complete before you hit the submit button. Polishing your assignment is just as important as the other stages. Here’s some sparkling tips on putting the finishing touches on your work from the Academic Learning Centre (ALC).

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Our Memories From 2019

December, the month of reflection and fun. So many amazing things happened throughout 2019 and this is our chance to reminisce about some of those memories. From academic success to sporting victories, and social innovation triumphs, CQUni has accomplished many outstanding things in 2019.

As we comb through all the success, awards, achievements and events from 2019, we have narrowed it down to 18 highlights. Join us in celebrating a month of memories from the year that was 2019, before you look ahead to the one that soon will be…

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Occasional Address: Jade Collins

Alumnus of the Year (Social Impact), Jade Collins (BArts/BBus 1999, MBusAdmin 2008) presented the Occasional Address at the Rockhampton Graduation Ceremony on 6 December. An alumnus of CQUniversity, Jade is the co-creator of Femeconomy, a business that empowers and promotes gender equity in leadership.

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Every day is a lesson — discovering myself and capabilities

Hello, my name is Aesha and I come from India. My study journey started from getting a visa grant to landing in the liveliest city in the world: Melbourne.

Being an international student in Australia has been — and will continue to be — a lifelong learning experience. It has not only brought opportunities for me to extend beyond my horizons and enhance my qualification but I have also made some good friends.

MCG football game

Every moment I am here is a lesson in itself because it has made me stronger, confident about my instincts, beliefs and self-esteem level.

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