Work-life balance means…

Day to day life can be one big balancing act. Do you understand the importance of a healthy balance between your career, family, and hobbies? We asked CQUni alumni participants of the 30 Minutes a Month program what work-life balance means to them, to gain insight on what is important to individuals in the midst of their career.

Feeling like you don’t have that work-life balance nailed at the moment? We’re here for you. CQUniversity offers students counselling support to assist you with wellness and personal resilience.

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A Day in the Life of a Health Promotion Officer

How do you encourage the public to quit a bad habit like smoking or drinking too much alcohol? Bachelor of Health Promotion graduate and 30 Minutes a Month participant Luke Giles takes us through what it’s like in his shoes, as a Health Promotion Officer.

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Why you should connect with a Student Mentor

As you progress through your time at CQUni, you may be wanting to connect with other students and receive advice and tips about life at CQUniversity. 

Enter the Student Mentor Program! A Mentor can help you find your feet, connect with others and aid your transition to life and study at CQUni. 

CQUni student and current Student Mentor, Dominic McCarthy shared why he considers connecting with a Mentor is one of the best decisions you could make whilst at CQUni. 

Keep reading to see why…

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Buyer Beware: Crimes and consequences of contract cheating

CQUniversity values academic honesty and integrity.

Academic integrity means acting with honesty, trust, fairness, respect and courage. It’s about protecting the quality of student learning, the credibility of your assessments and qualifications, and ultimately the reputation of CQUniversity, its courses and graduates.

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By Aiecher Bains

A student’s financial situation can have a huge impact on their ability to complete their study and can even be a reason some students postpone or abandon their studies altogether. The CQUniCares annual appeal is a University initiative focused on giving back to students. The CQUniCares fund was established with a $100,000 donation from alumna Moya Gold (BA, 1980), and now includes student success scholarships and emergency grants, which means low-socioeconomic and struggling students have access to ongoing financial support: a vital additional support mechanism to help their study and career goals. In December 2020, CQUniversity held its fifth annual fundraising appeal to raise these much-needed funds.


Why you should be a Student Representative

As a university student, your ultimate goal is to graduate and become job-ready. To ensure you are successful in the workplace as a graduate, you must develop skills that allow you to become indispensable.

To do this, you can get involved in CQUniversity initiatives like the Student Representative Council (SRC).

The Student Representative Council is a collective group of students elected by their peers and appointed to engage with and advocate for the CQUniversity student community. Members are elected to represent all course-levels and all locations across Australia.

Research Higher Degrees Student Representative Council Member, Roksana Jahan Tumpa, shared why she believes you should nominate to serve on the SRC.

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