Eager to learn – my unforgettable experience

CQUniversity Shane D'Silva

Hello, my name is Shane D’Silva and I am in my final term of the Master of Information Technology at CQUniversity Melbourne campus.

The past two years has truly been a fast-paced, mind-blowing experience. By blood, I hail from India. However, I have lived in Kuwait for almost 18 years.

I spent two years in Dubai as well as another couple of years in Qatar. I am truly grateful for my father who continues to work so hard to have provided our family with the opportunity to experience life in those countries.

When I was younger, I had always wanted to study abroad in America, Canada, UK or Australia. However, I was presented an opportunity to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering at one of India’s most prestigious private university, Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

I completed my studies and then set my sights on being able to start my life abroad. I went through days after days, agents after agents conducting tedious research into universities all over the world to pursue my master’s degree.

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Advice for Online Quizzes

With the transition to online learning in Term 1 and 2 as a result of COVID-19, there may have been changes to your end of term assessments. We understand that these changes can be unsettling.

If your teaching team has tasked you with an online quiz, you may be feeling anxious. Being prepared and having a plan for how you will cope with your assessments will help manage those feelings. It will also give you a better chance of success with your studies.

Keep reading for advice from our Student Counselling team…

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Group work pays off for budding PR professionals

As the main assessment piece for one of our last ever university classes, myself and four other students had to implement a real-life public relations campaign for a client of our choice. The only hang-up was that the campaign had to be budget-neutral, and because of a country-wide lockdown caused by the global pandemic, it had to be implemented completely online. Keep reading to find out how we overcame a range of obstacles.

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The when and where of grades release

Certification of Grades refers to the date that final grades or interim results are released to students. On this date, a process occurs during which the final grades or interim results for each HE unit are released for that term.

The Certification of Grades date for each term can be found in the Key Dates calendar of the CQUni Handbook. For Term 1 2020, grades will be released on Friday, 10 July.

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about Certification of Grades…

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CQUni Digital Media Staff Find Positives During Pandemic

While our country is slowly reopening, we are all still spending more time at home than we’d probably like, and consequently all have a little extra free time on our hands. If you’re sick of baking sourdough bread or tending to your quarantine garden, why not try your luck at learning some new digital skills?

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My SUN Experience – Indigo

Looking for a pathway into uni? Not sure if you know what you want to study? Maybe you’re interested in learning more about what is involved in tertiary education.

Bachelor of Education student, Indigo, explains why the Start Uni Now (SUN) program at CQUniversity helped her decide what she wanted to study before she left high school.

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Scholarship Myths Debunked

Term 2 scholarships are currently open for CQUniversity students. Applications are due by 12 June. University students tend to shy away from applying for a scholarship merely based on false knowledge. The criteria for applying for a scholarship is completely different to the way Hollywood has portrayed and normalised the process.

After discussing with the CQUni Scholarships team and gaining a lot of information about the scholarships offered, who can apply and the process involved, I have been able to debunk five popular scholarship myths that students believe.

If you want to know the truth behind CQUniversity scholarships, keep reading.

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Advance Queensland Indigenous Pathways VET Scholarship Program scholar’s give thanks

After being awarded an Advance Queensland Indigenous Pathways VET Scholarship in Term 1 2020, we hear from Tayla, John, Maree, Siobahn and Rebecca on the impact their scholarship is having on their education, plans for the future and pass on their thanks and gratitude to their generous scholarship donor, Advance Queensland and the Department of Innovation, Queensland Government. With Term 2 scholarships now open (many closing 12 June), all scholars share some great advice for other students thinking about applying.

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