My unforgettable trip to China

My name is Ashley and I am a current fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Medical Sonography and Graduate Diploma of Medical Sonography program at the CQU Melbourne campus. I commenced study at CQUni in 2014 after completing a Bachelor of Health Science on the Gold Coast. Although I was born in South Africa, I moved to Australia when I was five, and now call Melbourne “home”.

In recognition of my academic achievement throughout my studies, I was invited to join the Golden Key International Honours Society in 2015, who partner with ‘Envision’ and the International Scholar Laureate Program (ILSP). I was given the opportunity to explore health care and medical education in a different culture as part of the Delegation in Medicine and Science, hosted by the ISLP in China. The international program offers educational opportunities and experiences to high achieving students in delegations such as Medicine and Science, Engineering, Business, Nursing and Healthcare, and Diplomacy, visiting countries across the world.

As part of the experience, I travelled to Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Making friends 101

When you are in a new city, you feel socially awkward. If you think this is strange, trust me, it’s not! Especially if you are introverted, making new friends seems quite intimidating.

Until you start getting about places and making new friends, one would feel that you are alone, even though you are surrounded by thousands of people. This blog is going to put a stop to that and give you the best tips on how to make friends in a new city.

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My story: A Sri Lankan student living in Australia

Sri Lanka flag

Calling another country “home”, whether temporarily or permanently is very challenging. The decision to move to Brisbane was not an easy one. It took me a lot of courage, spending many days and nights contemplating if it is truly the right decision.

Having been here over 8 months, I can confidently say that it has been a good decision.

If one were to guess what happens in a day in the life of an international student from Sri Lanka, what do you reckon your guess would be?

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A day in life of an International Student from Brazil in Sydney

Sydney CQUniversity campus

Studying a University course can take a long time to complete, so it is important that you do not need to keep your whole living in Australia only for studies, it is possible to have a lot of fun in one of the best countries in the world!

As a student from Brazil who has just completed studying the Graduate Diploma of Business Administration at CQUniversity Sydney campus, I will show you a typical day of my life, it will be during the semester and a weekday.

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Pearl of the Indian Ocean vs. Land Down Under

One would think that moving to another country ideally would mean doing the same thing but instead in a different geographic location.

However, the answer to that is interestingly, no.

Coming from Sri Lanka, or what we call the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, life is remarkably diverse. Sri Lanka’s Capital city, Colombo, is rich in historical heritage and has so much to offer. The city is often blessed with clear blue skies, warm weather and sunshine, which I love!

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How to write a resume

Writing an effective resume is an important part of your job search. It is a tool that should effectively and succinctly sell you as a potential employee.

Similar to a career plan it will be continually updated, developed and reviewed. There are many things to consider when writing a resume such as length and format, the balance between skills, achievements, experience and personal passions, your audience, and the type of roles you are applying for. There is no perfect format, although, in our experience, there are a number of fundamental things your resume should cover. Below is our guide to writing an effective resume.

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Mixing with the STARS!

Tom Cruise Mummy Sydney

One of the perks of being an international student is you get to meet different people. Sydney is considered as one of the most diversified cities in the world, where you have the opportunity to meet people from all different countries.

What if the people you meet are from HOLLYWOOD…A renowned celebrity and a movie star??!! What if it is TOM CRUISE? Yes, I mean the actor from Top Gun, Mission Impossible, Few Good Men and the latest reboot of Mummy.

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‘Be what you want to be’ – Our visit to CQUni Bundaberg

Hello everyone, we are the students from Guangxi University, China. Firstly, we all feel very happy to be here to study English at Central Queensland University. At the Uni, we have met many friendly people: Haiyi, Jing, Anne, Beth, Julia and other local people, who have given us lots of help.

We have studied English at CQUni for three weeks, which is a wonderful experience. We are so lucky that we met three kangaroos at the first time visiting the campus. There are many differences between CQUni and Guangxi University. CQUni Bundaberg is an open campus. Continue reading ‘Be what you want to be’ – Our visit to CQUni Bundaberg

Anything is possible in India!

Five things you can expect when visiting India.

Hi, it’s Tarah Rodda here, one of the Professional Communication and Digital Media students currently in India for a Sustainability Exchange program with the Centre for Environmental Education (CEE) in Ahmedabad. Continue reading Anything is possible in India!

Homesickness! A note from an international student…

Home is where the heart is

I’m finally free!

I’ve met hundreds of super exciting people, announced our friendships as “official” via Facebook, sat through some eye-opening/closing lectures in my first few days of university.  Life couldn’t get any better!

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