Your step by step guide to university admission centres

Firstly Congratulations! Making the decision to study is a big one and you’ve made it!

We know that making that next step in putting your application and understanding what you need to do, might be a little confusing. So we’ve put together a checklist to make sure you’re ready to apply.

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#MeettheLibrary Episode 2

Chasing your dreams? Love to get involved in the university community? Meet some like-minded students working in CQUni libraries! We caught up with some of our Library Peer Advisors to find out what drives them to make a difference in the future and how CQUni is helping them achieve that dream. Peer Advisors are students too, working study friendly hours in the library, keeping our libraries open longer and ready to assist you with library and IT enquiries. Let’s meet them! Continue reading #MeettheLibrary Episode 2

Career change a chance to transform lives

CQUniversity is expanding its Bachelor of Psychological Science, offering the course on-campus in Cairns from 2019.

It’s already popular with on-campus and distance students alike – Cairns-based mature-age student Dafne Correia shares her journey in psychology, and what motivated her to pursue a career in mental health.

I’m originally from Denmark, but I’ve lived in Cairns for 13 years, and moving here seemed like a good chance to go back to uni.

I’d started a Bachelor of Laws in 2014, but while I was studying, things were happening around me that made me start thinking about psychology. I was realising how often the warning signs are missed when people are having a mental health crisis, and how help just isn’t there. And that’s true for everyone, from little children, right up to the elderly. Continue reading Career change a chance to transform lives

A remarkable life – [PODCAST]

Researcher Kirt Hainzer shares about his amazing life journey which led to CQUniversity.

I remember my first trip to Egypt like it was yesterday. I was 7, and I was living in Cyprus with my family. My Dad, a chef from Austria, was working on a cruise ship that made a loop from Limassol to Port Said every week. I remember leaving the ship and being completely inundated with Egyptians selling all matter of goods and haggling to take us on a rickshaw. But it was the state of everyone’s teeth that I remember most vivid. I’ll never forget those teeth. My mum told me that’s what would happen to me if I didn’t brush my teeth, and I’ve kept impeccable oral hygiene since. Continue reading A remarkable life – [PODCAST]

CQUniversity Bucket List: 60 Things Every Student MUST Do

Interested to be part of the activities at CQUni? The activities you get involved in at university have a huge impact on your life.

With so many opportunities available, we asked our student experts (CQUni graduates and staff) to share the CQUni activities that help you make the most of your time at uni, and have the biggest impact on your life. Continue reading CQUniversity Bucket List: 60 Things Every Student MUST Do

How CQUniversity’s global mobility program, CQUGlobal, can change your life

Had I known that studying abroad was possible when I was at university I would have jumped at the chance to do part of my course overseas.

Growing up my father was in the British army and we moved home and country every 2 years until I was 13. Immersing myself in another culture was a central part of my life during this time, and from aged 9 I would fly home solo to whichever European country we lived in during the school holidays. At University, I didn’t know that Exchange was an option so when I graduated and I realised I wasn’t ready to start my career like most of my friends, I decided to go to Paris to learn French instead. Continue reading How CQUniversity’s global mobility program, CQUGlobal, can change your life

Closing the Gap – Are we there yet? [PODCAST]

My experience in the Northern Territory, working as an Aboriginal Health Worker, set the scene for my current and future aspirations in nursing and academia.

Recent meaningful changes to the Australian nursing code of conduct has sparked great debate.

Why? Because there are still barriers hindering the change in practice needed for nurses and academics to achieve equality in health and life expectancy. Continue reading Closing the Gap – Are we there yet? [PODCAST]

#MeettheLibrary Episode 1

Balancing a busy life? Our CQUni libraries are open later in term time, providing longer hours in study friendly spaces. Our Peer Advisors man these extended hours, fellow students ready and waiting to help with your library, and IT enquiries. Just like you, some of our Peer Advisors are pursuing new career paths while balancing busy lives. Let’s meet some! Continue reading #MeettheLibrary Episode 1

Be Prepared for TSXPO with our Top Tips

Whether you are about to finish school and start a qualification or looking to re-skill for a career change, TSXPO can cater for all your tertiary study needs.

It’s one of the biggest tertiary expos in Australia and you may need help navigating all the information on the day, so we’ve put together some of our top tips to get you through.

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