From PASS Participants to PASS Leaders

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are peer led online study groups available in first year units identified as historically challenging for students. Sessions are facilitated by senior students who have recently received excellent grades in the unit and have completed nationally accredited training. Since Term 2 2018, PASS has supported nearly 2000 students.

As a program that prides itself on providing leadership opportunities by recruiting students who undergo nationally accredited training to plan and facilitate sessions, we often see students who have been regular PASS participants apply for the role of PASS Leader in later terms. Two such students are Kylie (PASS Leader since Term 1 2021) and El-Dez (PASS Leader since Term 2 2021).  

Keep reading to hear about the leadership opportunities PASS provides and why students should learn more about PASS.

From her time as a PASS participant, Kylie said:

“I found PASS to be an amazing resource for my revision. I went into PASS not knowing what to expect, but I have picked up some very useful study tips and tricks, and also met some amazing friends. 

I also managed to pick up a High Distinction for the unit too, which I believe to be a result highly attributed to attending PASS each week! 

I looked forward to catching up with friends I made through PASS, being able to laugh, but also jamming in an hour of study at the same time.”

El-Dez said: 

“PASS helped me bridge the gap between online learning and collaboration with my peers. The PASS sessions helped me establish the important aspects of the weekly content, and I was able to learn from others and how they perceive the learning objectives. It really allowed me to consolidate my learning experiences. PASS helped lower my anxiety over the weekly content and showed me the areas I needed to focus on more.”

El-Dez attributes her love of working collaboratively with others as one of the contributing factors in her decision to apply for the role of PASS Leader.

I draw my energy from others, and it is very satisfying to know that you can make a difference and help others to become independent learners themselves as you guide them to find the answers to their questions.”

Kylie liked the idea of being able to help student other students. 

“I enjoyed being able to cement the content in my brain too! There’s never too much revision to be had with a biology subject’”

When asked what they gained the most from their experience so far as a PASS Leader both El-Dez and Kylie commented that it was the interaction with and feedback from students. 

El-Dez said: 

“The one-on-one interaction with fellow students making the University experience more ‘real’ is what sets it apart for me. I am learning from them as well, even though I have completed the unit. 

Kylie said:

“The warm feeling I get when students tell me that it was a really useful session and how much it helped them. That’s what PASS is all about, supporting each other.”

Both leaders believe their role as a PASS Leader has helped enhance many skills including self-confidence, public speaking, self-assurance, employability, communication, reflective practice, and working in an online environment.  

As a final comment, El-Dez stated: 

“If anyone has the opportunity to become a PASS Leader, they should definitely apply. PASS is more than just being a support for first-year students. It is about giving back to all the love and time CQUni and the staff have put in to help me be who I am today.”

PASS Leaders often continue in the role over subsequent terms, sometimes leading more than one unit per term.  

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Peer Assisted Study Sessions are supported by funds from the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). All SSAF funds are used to enhance or extend student services and facilities in accordance with funding guidelines. Find out more about SSAF funding allocation.

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