File Theft Threat

The dangers of contract cheating are well known, but did you know sharing your work is also a breach of academic integrity?

Even with the best intentions, you should never share your individual assignment with anyone. The exceptions are your CQUniversity teaching team or academic support services, such as academic learning advisors, library staff or Studiosity.

Don’t be misled by companies and sites offering ‘homework help’, ‘plagiarism checks’, or ‘professional writing services’. Many of these companies and sites are dishonestly using marketing tactics to get their hands on your assignments to then sell to other students.

CQUniversity blocks these companies and sites on campus and from marketing to our students whenever possible. If you’ve been targeted by these companies, please contact the Academic Integrity Unit and we will investigate.

What about Turnitin?

CQUniversity uses Turnitin, a text-matching or similarity checking software, within your Moodle unit sites. Your academic work uploaded to Turnitin is protected from being re-used by others. If you use a text-matching service other than Turnitin, you risk having your academic work stolen and breaching academic integrity.

You should only use Turnitin through Moodle.

Student support

CQUniversity offers learning support services to help you better understand plagiarism and how to reference correctly.

Check out all the learning support services and resources on the MyCQU Student Portal.

More information

CQUniversity values academic honesty and integrity.

Academic integrity is behaviour underpinned by the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage.

Breaches of academic integrity, or academic misconduct, pose a serious threat to our culture and values and carry serious consequences for students.

The Student Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure sets out your responsibilities for upholding academic integrity. Find out more at

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