Why does Mentoring Matter?

CQUni’s Career Connection program is bridging the gap between alumni professionals with industry experience and students looking for guidance or answers.

When discussing the Career Connection Mentoring Program with participants, the major theme of the platform boiled down to one word – flexibility – and in the digital age, this has never been more important. With the future of work rapidly shifting to a more digital and global practice, the challenge for future professionals to get that first foot in the door has increased.

From a mentee’s perspective

For student Rabin Kumar Shrestha (pictured second from the left), a mentor session helped him set his course in his study and career journey, helping develop his leadership, communication, and confidence skills.

“I came to Uni from Nepal. I had no idea what to expect from the University, how the University can help me regarding my academic and personal queries. Being a mentee, you will always be supported by the mentor and CQUniversity which means you will never find yourself lost in a career situation”.

From a mentor’s perspective

Bachelor of Information Technology graduate Peter McLarty has been a CQUni Career Connection mentor for several years, assisting students in the transition from study to their graduate career. Peter draws on his decade of experience as a technology professional to advise students – and he loves the feeling of paying it forward.

“Knowing I’ve contributed to someone’s future success – even if they don’t agree or want to use the ideas or skills I suggest to them, I hope it gives them another point of view to make some better-informed choices”.

As a mentor, Peter believes engaging with future professionals is invaluable to their success.

“As a senior in my career I have some additional time to give back. I wanted to provide some leadership in the industry and help people getting started” Peter said.

“My career could have used great mentors and I’m providing the opportunity to advance using some of my experience”. For Peter, the benefits to students are clear:

“Students are mad not to take this opportunity and get what a lot of us may not have had access to in the past. It’s a crazy world out there, and every little bit of advice you can pick up will make you that bit better prepared.”

So, what’s the importance of mentorship?

For mentees, it gives experience speaking as industry professionals, a deeper understanding of their skill set or knowledge gaps and helps them develop networks of industry professionals.

Careers and Development Coordinator Julie Holmes believes mentoring programs empower both sides of the program.

“For students, the opportunity to be mentored by current industry professionals is extremely valuable. Not only do they gain useful industry insights through knowledge sharing and advice, mentors often provide a different perspective, fostering professional growth,” she says.

Get advice, coaching, and prep from the people who have been there by visiting the CQUni Career Connection program website or reading more info on the MYCQU page.

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  1. I’m glad to hear people raising awareness for mentoring! I recently embarked on a similar journey with a fantastic Mentor from https://www.lisnic.com and I wish someone had told me about this pathway back when I was a student.

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