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This August is Fast Mentoring Month! Did you know CQUni has an online mentoring tool that connects students and alumni (graduates) for one-on-one career conversations?

CQUni Career Connection is a free, online mentoring program. It connects current students like you with experienced graduate mentors so you can get advice, coaching and career preparation from the people who have been there before you.

But how do you get started?

Signing up is easy, and takes just a few minutes.

Once you fill out your details and accept the terms and conditions, you’ll have access to over 350 mentors from various fields of work.

Are you looking for a more detailed walkthrough of the mentoring platform? Check out this information sheet.

For more info on career support, access the MYCQU Alumni mentor tab.

So, what do I do next?

Once you’re accepted into the platform you can set up your profile and put important information like your current degree and professional interests.

The most crucial part to finding a mentor is figuring out what fits your career aspirations and finding members of the platform that have studied something similar or work in that same field.

How do I connect with a mentor?

Our CQUni alumni mentors are passionate about their careers and want to help students like you get the most out of their studies and future careers. Here are three simple tips to make it happen:

Tip 1

Want to chat with someone from a specific industry? Filtering mentors is a great way to find the right ones for you.

When you have found a mentor you want
to connect with, simply click on their
profile. Follow the steps in the “Book a
consultation” section to select your
preferred day and time to connect with the

Tip 2

How should I reach out to a mentor? Once you select your preferred time slots for a consultation with a mentor, a text box allows you to send a customised message to them. A polite message like ‘Hi mentor name, I noticed you work at CQUniversity in IT, and that is a field of work I’d like to one day work in. I wanted to reach out in the hopes of organising a consultation session to discuss how you got to your current career role’.

Most of our mentors have busy lives and work full-time, so we recommend reaching out to multiple potential mentors to ensure you find one that is available at the same time as you.

Tip 3

What can mentors help me with on this platform? You can choose between various consultation types, ranging from 30 mins – 1 hour. When you hit “send request” the message will be sent to the potential mentor and you will receive a notification about the potential booking when and if it is approved. The consultation types can include:

  • General career advice
  • Resume review
  • Mock job interviews

Enjoy this great resource to build on your skills and experience. You can find more information about the mentoring platform through our information flyer, or by visiting the mentoring platform.

CQUniversity Alumni Guest (https://cqunilife.com)

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