Homework cheats not so helpful

University study can be an exciting yet challenging experience. Whilst it’s normal to seek support along the way, don’t be fooled by offers of ‘Homework Help’.

Homework Helpers are external companies offering study support services.

These companies use aggressive, devious, and sometimes, even illegal marketing methods to persuade students into thinking there is nothing wrong with using a third party to do academic work on their behalf.

The language they use in their advertising seems helpful, but the primary focus is for them to make money, not to help students. It is your responsibility to ensure the work you submit is your own.

Don’t post assignment questions or answers to Homework Help sites as this is a breach of academic integrity.

If you see something questionable, report the site or service to the Academic Integrity Unit.

Consequences of breaching academic integrity

CQUniversity values academic honesty and integrity.

Breaches of academic integrity, including academic misconduct, can carry significant penalties including suspension or expulsion from CQUniversity, withdrawal of credit for units completed through contract cheating, and sanctions placed on transcripts. Graduates may also have their qualification revoked.

Where appropriate, international student COE’s will be cancelled, and the Department of Home Affairs notified.

Breaches of academic integrity, including academic misconduct, will be caught through strict assessment audit and checking measures.

If you are unsure about what constitutes a breach of academic integrity, or whether you should use a certain site or service, contact our Student Advocacy Officers

Student support

The University offers a range of free study support services, including the Academic Learning Centre, and Studiosity. To access these services, visit MyCQU.

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