Everything you need to know about Orientation

Orientation, OWeek or that big event before the term starts. Whatever you would like to call it, CQUni Orientation is an experience not be missed.

Orientation is a week full of sessions and events that will provide you with the essential information you need to be a successful student.

From 5-9 July, Term 2 Orientation will be hosted online and across our campuses. Officially named Orientation Our Way, the week is a personalised experience that combines opportunities to tune-in, come-in, and drop-in.

To provide you with everything you need to know about Orientation, we caught up for a chat with event organisers, hosts and campus staff. Keep reading to find out what is happening and why you should attend.

Orientation TV

The central component of Orientation Our Way is Orientation TV (OTV). We spoke with our events team to learn more about Orientation TV.

Can you tell us about OTV? 

OTV is a live webinar delivered online by staff, fellow students, and alumni. OTV brings you short, fast-paced, informative sessions including, 

  • How to Uni
  • Student Life
  • Course Essentials
  • International 101

Each session will be held twice throughout the week and delivered in an engaging, informative format. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and chat with your fellow students and CQUniversity staff.

How should students prepare for their sessions? 

Students should ensure their area is functional, preferably at a desk with a comfortable chair. Students require a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection to access Zoom.

It’s best to have a webcam and microphone to engage in the Course Essentials session and talk to lecturers. Students will not need this for the Student Life, How to Uni or International 101 sessions. 

Other handy things students require include pens, highlighters, a notepad, a water bottle, and snacks. 


What can students expect from a webinar? 

Each session runs for one hour and is composed of short segments. 

We have the best of the best presenters to ensure students virtual Orientation experience is fun and engaging. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions, answer polls, have your say, and chat with fellow students live!

We encourage students to ask questions as they are watching. No question is a silly question! If students have a question for the presenter, there is a Q&A function on the webinar they can use. Alternatively, students can talk to each other using the chat feature on the webinar.


If students experience technical issues during a session, who can help?

Students can contact the Technology and Services Assistance Centre (TaSAC) if they have any technical issues during the session via:

  • Phone: 07 4930 9090
  • Toll free: 1300 666 620
  • International: 61 7 4930 9090
  • Website: sdesk.cqu.edu.au 


Orientation Boost

The Orientation Boost series offers additional, optional drop-in sessions, allowing students to create a customised Orientation schedule based on what they need and want to know more about. Students should attend these sessions in addition to compulsory Orientation TV sessions.

We asked the host of our General Q&A Boost session, Geoffrey Morrison, to tell us about his session.

Can you tell us about your Boost session? 

I’ll be hosting the Q&A Boost Session. My session is an opportunity for students to ask any questions about studying at university. Questions can relate to campus life, university workload, where to find information when you require assistance or anything study-related. 


Why are you excited to host your Boost session?

As a past CQUni Student, I am excited to pass on my knowledge from studying at CQUni to new students steering them into a positive University Experience. 

What sort of content can students expect? 

Students can expect a range of content. As it is a general Q&A, the content can range from library opening hours to accessing student support and much more. The answers in this session will help new students get through their first term a little easier. 

All Boost sessions are a great experience. Students can meet other students in these sessions via zoom. It’s an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for university. 


What other sessions will be on offer, and what if students cannot attend a session? 

Orientation Boost drop-in sessions are open to all students, including new and continuing students from all courses, including TAFE. 

Students can attend over 30 Boost sessions. You can view all sessions and details via our website

If students have any questions or cannot attend a Boost session, they can contact our teams directly using the following details:

Orientation Connect 

When you’re not busy tuning into OTV and dropping in for Orientation Boost, join us on campus for an Orientation Connect event.

Orientation Connect events are an optional component of Orientation, allowing you to meet and connect with fellow students, staff, and support services. Events will differ for each location and may include networking activities, campus tours, and market stalls.

We asked our Melbourne and Rockhampton Connect hosts what they have planned for their events.

What sort of activities is your campus hosting, and why? 


On Friday, 9 July, the Rockhampton campus will be hosting a half-day event. Students will have the opportunity to meet support staff and fellow students, participate in campus life events, ask questions and receive guidance and get to know their campus. 

Students will spend the morning taking a tour of the Rockhampton North Campus, getting to know the academics and professional staff, learning about the tools needed to make the right choices for their course and receiving advice about the support services available. 

The day will finish with live music and lunch. Students can use this time to meet as many new faces as possible. Building networks during university will help students immensely throughout their student journey and open up new opportunities.


Our Melbourne campus will host a meet and greet event where new students can chat with academics, professional staff and fellow students in an informal setting. During the event, we will take new students on a campus tour so they will be able to familiarise themselves with the facilities on campus. This event gives the campus staff an opportunity to formally welcome students and inspires a sense of community.

What is one benefit for students if they attend an on-campus event?

Students can meet academics and student support staff, so they know exactly who to reach out to when required. Knowing who can provide timely help can save students a lot of time, especially when it comes to academic deadlines.

What about Online students? 

Online students are very welcome to attend any event near them. We want to welcome and engage with as many of our students as possible. 

What other events are happening? 

Connect events will differ for each location and may include networking activities, campus tours, and market stalls. The following campuses will be hosting an event: 

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Bundaberg
  • Cairns
  • Gladstone
  • Mackay (City & Ooralea)
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Rockhampton North
  • Sydney
  • Townsville

To view the details of each campus event, visit our website

If a student cannot attend an event, how can they get this information? 

For Metropolitan campuses, if students cannot attend the event, we encourage them to visit the campus and say hello. Students can drop in at campus anytime. Our campus staff and student engagement team are always happy to see and have a chat with all our students.


For other campuses, students can visit staff at the campus receptions and chat with and ask questions. 

We also have a range of recreational areas where students can meet others. For example, Townsville has their mediation room, Rockhampton and Mackay have their refectories that include seating, pool tables and other fun things. You can learn more about your campus on MyCQU

We encourage all students to attend a campus event. Make sure you sort out your family and work commitments before Orientation Week. We understand that sometimes other things do get in the way. If you miss out on a campus event, there are serval opportunities to connect through the term.

Make Orientation Your Own

To create your personalised schedule:

  1. Register for online Orientation TV sessions.
  2. Select the optional online Orientation Boost sessions you would like to attend.
  3. Select the optional on-campus Orientation Connect events you would like to attend.
  4. Don’t forget to complete the Countdown to CQUni Moodle unit.

Registration is easy! Use this eForm to register for all Orientation sessions and events in one place. If at any point you need to check what sessions you selected, re-visit the registration form.

Orientation will give you the confidence and connections you need to make your first term a big success.

Students can refer to our OTV YouTube page if they miss anything throughout OWeek.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us online or by calling 13 27 86.

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