Blackmail Protection: Don’t be scared to seek support

Contract cheating services, otherwise known as ‘essay mills’, ‘paper mills’, ‘assignment help’ or ‘homework completion services’, use sophisticated business models to target students.

These services blackmail students by threatening to provide details of the student cheating to their university if they do not pay them additional money.

Unfortunately, issues often arise years after using a service, even years after a student has graduated. Blackmailers may continue to ask for more and more money, until you can no longer afford to pay.

Keeping the secret from friends, family, and employers can also have a significant impact on your mental health and wellbeing.

Protecting yourself from blackmail

CQUniversity prevents students from accessing commercial contracting sites while on campus, but we cannot block sites until they are reported, and we cannot block sites off campus.

It is your responsibility to avoid these sites and ensure the work you submit is your own.

Don’t risk your career or your future by breaching academic integrity. Choose to be:

  • Authentic
  • Honest
  • A Leader
  • A Stand-out
  • A Success.

I am being blackmailed, what should I do?

While CQUniversity does not condone contract cheating, support is available. We urge any student in this situation to come forward and seek help.

The Academic Integrity Unit provides assistance with issues related to academic integrity and misconduct, contract cheating sites, etc.

Student Advocacy Officers provide support and assistance to students seeking guidance on policies, processes, grievances, appeals and disputes.

Find out more about Academic Integrity and the safe support services for academic and study help, available to you, free of charge, as a CQUniversity student.

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