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30 Minutes a Month participant Imran Asif is a Master of Business Administration (2012) graduate from CQUniversity. Based in Singapore, he is experienced in technology research and advisory. Currently, Imran is the Business Development Director for Asia/Pacific at Ecosystm Advisory Pte Ltd, where he works closely with leading technology companies and advises them about market intelligence, brand positioning, and go-to-market strategy.

Work-life balance is not an exact science. Each person must find their own way of combining career, relationships, and personal care into an integrated whole. What is right for you now will likely change as new circumstances arise, so periodically review your situation, and adjust accordingly.

To me, work life balance looks like…

Work-life balance is a topic which has been analysed, hyped and dissected over many years, and even more so since the start of COVID-19 pandemic. The concept is not new and has been a key matter of discussion since the start 21st century. For many, it is perceived as achieving a goal to have a perfect lifestyle. For me, it is a lifelong process – a continuous, never-ending exercise that requires vigilance, self-awareness, and timely tweaks along one’s career journey.

I achieve this by…

Believing that work-life balance is a “a cycle, not an achievement”. As a regional technology executive, at times, it is very hard for me to find a right balance with tight project deadlines and working across different time zones. Hence, I usually practise a ‘hybrid’ working model – where I focus on deliverables and allowing myself to work beyond typical 9 to 5 workday. This usually led to increased levels of productivity and an improved work-life balance for me. A successful example of a company that adopted hybrid work model is Twitter. The company recognized its employees’ need for flexibility and has been very successful in retaining its top talent.

Feeling like you don’t have that work-life balance nailed at the moment? We’re here for you. CQUniversity offers students counselling support to assist you with wellness and personal resilience.

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When things get tough I…

Tend to take control of my work by being proactive with time management. The process of achieving a healthy work-life balance is like becoming a professional athlete or training for a marathon. It takes a concerted effort to get in shape and a continued effort to stay that way.

Always remember to…

Work smarter not harder – using time more efficiently is an important skill that everyone can learn. Adopting the right combination of time-management practices can cut stress and save you up to an hour a day. This can include the use of technology to become more organized, grouping emails, avoiding procrastination.

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