Why you should connect with a Student Mentor

As you progress through your time at CQUni, you may be wanting to connect with other students and receive advice and tips about life at CQUniversity. 

Enter the Student Mentor Program! A Mentor can help you find your feet, connect with others and aid your transition to life and study at CQUni. 

CQUni student and current Student Mentor, Dominic McCarthy shared why he considers connecting with a Mentor is one of the best decisions you could make whilst at CQUni. 

Keep reading to see why…

The CQUniversity Student Mentor Program provides support for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the first year of their studies. Our team is made up of students from various disciplines, levels of study and backgrounds, who are willing to assist and help students familiarise themselves with university life. 

If you’re a student at CQUniversity, I highly recommend signing up for the program as a mentee. You’ll be matched with an experienced student, who will be your mentor, answering all of your questions throughout the semester. Whether you’re looking for a new friend, or just want to remain accountable, a student mentor is a perfect idea. They’ll message you each week via Microsoft Teams, to ensure you’re on track with your studies, or point you in the right direction to access support services. 

We have a range of Mentors students can connect with.

I became involved in the Student Mentor program back in my first year of university, as I had previously studied a couple of subjects with the CQUniversity Start Uni Now program. I wanted to volunteer my time to support other students so that they could have a rewarding and fulfilling experience at CQUniversity. I found the program to be a great way to give back to the university and encourage other students to do their best in their studies. 

All of the students who have been paired with a Student Mentor have found them to be supportive, friendly and responsive. Sometimes being part of the Student Mentor program has been the difference between students staying in their course, or dropping out! Student Mentors are also the perfect person to remind you about key dates in university – such as Orientation Week, Census Date, Break Week and Exam Block. 

Student Mentors interacting at Melbourne Campus Orientation

Personally, I have found being a Mentor to be a very rewarding experience. I enjoy being able to support students and serve as an ambassador for the university. Sending messages of encouragement, checking-in, being accountable, or referring students to a university support service – is all part of our role. 

Whether you’re studying a Bachelor of Engineering or a Bachelor of Nursing, the Student Mentor Program is here to support you. Sign up today to be connected with a Mentor, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

If you are new or continuing, you can connect with a Mentor! Visit the Moodle Unit to connect with a Student Mentor. 

Written by Dominic McCarthy

Dominic is studying a Bachelor of Business (Management). He has studied in Vietnam and New Caledonia through the New Colombo Plan. Dominic has also been an Australian Youth Delegate to the OECD through the Global Voices Fellowship Program. He is a Student Mentor and part of the CQUniversity Student Advisory Panel.

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