Buyer Beware: Crimes and consequences of contract cheating

CQUniversity values academic honesty and integrity.

Academic integrity means acting with honesty, trust, fairness, respect and courage. It’s about protecting the quality of student learning, the credibility of your assessments and qualifications, and ultimately the reputation of CQUniversity, its courses and graduates.

Contract cheating is a serious breach of academic integrity that CQUniversity considers to be academic misconduct. It occurs when a student submits work that has been completed by a third party. This can be paid or unpaid, and the source may be an academic cheating service, fellow student, graduate, friend, or family member.

Cracking down on contract cheating

In 2020, the Federal Government took a bold stance against contract cheating, making it an offence to provide or advertise academic cheating services in higher education. This means if students or graduates, provide and/or advertise academic cheating services for commercial purposes, that is in exchange for money, they can be charged under this law.

Read more about the legislation on the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills, and Employment website.

Consequences of contract cheating

CQUniversity is committed to policing academic misconduct. Breaches of academic integrity, including academic misconduct will be caught through strict assessment audit and checking measures.

CQUni students who are caught cheating will continue to be subject to the University’s Student Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure found on the Policy website.

It is your responsibility to ensure the work you submit is your own.

Information details of CQUni students or graduates caught providing or advertising academic cheating services for commercial purposes will be provided to the higher education regulator, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency.

Don’t risk your career or your future by breaching academic integrity.

Find out more about academic integrity on MyCQU.

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