Daniel Shares Entrepreneurial Advice for Job Seekers

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Daniel Griffin graduated with a Bachelor of Digital Media in 2018 and has since launched his own Bundaberg-based graphic design business, Capillatus Creative. Daniel shares his top job interview tips to succeed in your job interview.

#1 Tip Before the Interview

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If given a day or two to prepare for the interview itself, ensure that you dedicate time to studying the company/business website – specifically their values and history. This process can ease your mind mid-interview if a company-values-themed question is raised, and it shows that you have an interest in the position that you have applied for.

#1 Tip During the Interview

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It is important during job interviews to provide open body language and eye contact to each staff member interviewing you. These interviews could be one-on-one, but from my recent interview history there has been an increase in panel, group and online interview settings. For example, in panel interviews that include an online component, it is very important to look at the panel member asking the question as they do so, but also use eye contact and a smile to acknowledge the other panel members periodically.

My Favourite Question to ask the Interviewer

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Interviews can seem like an interrogation with the number of questions posed. It is vital to ensure that you have some questions of your own to raise to the interviewer/s though. One question that demonstrates that you see yourself in their advertised role is: ‘What does a standard day consist of in this position?’ The opportunity is then raised for the interviewer to further explain the day-to-day experiences that you may encounter.

One Thing to do After the Interview

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Within 14 days after the interview, you may have found that you have been accepted or declined for the role. If no answer has been provided, it is acceptable at this time to contact the business phone number or email to clarify the status of the vacancy. This is a great opportunity too to ask for interview feedback!

Extra Advice

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Interviews may be a daunting experience but they are a part of the job seeking process that can be managed well if you know how to approach them and prepare.

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