Understanding Assessment Extensions

Everyone knows that sometimes life throws unavoidable curve balls that get in the way of completing assessments. For some, applying for an extension may be considered as failing or they may feel like they are not meeting expectations – this is not the case!

Our Student Accessibility and Equity team have explained assessment extensions and shared why you should not be ashamed of asking for an extension.

It is week 5 of term, and you have deadlines looming.

The term has not gone as planned.

You know you can apply for an assignment extension if needed. But you do not apply as you do not want your academics to think less of you. You spend the next week pulling all-nighters. You get your assignment in a day late, but it is rushed, you are exhausted, you will receive a late penalty, and for the next week, your health is impacted as a direct result.

This is a common occurrence for students and our Student Accessibility and Equity team are here to break down this notion. Know that your health is a priority and CQUni is here to support you throughout your time at university.

Academics want you to succeed, and to enjoy learning. You will not get in trouble or have academics think less of you by asking for an extension.

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In fact, the Assessment Policy and Procedure exists for that reason. Because life happens, especially when you are managing ongoing health challenges. It may be disappointing for you to delay the submission of your assignment, but it is crucial to allow yourself to re-frame timelines. We are all people, and sometimes as people, we need a little extra time to complete tasks, and there is no shame in asking for help.

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Did you know, with appropriate supporting documentation and approval from your School’s Deputy Dean of Learning & Teaching, you can get an extension up to 4 weeks? Of course, you may just need an extra day or two, and in those situations, your Unit Coordinator can approve that.

Your Unit Coordinator can authorise up to 14 days, and you can be granted an extension, and if you need extra time, you can apply again. Just keep a note of the 4-week limit and the supporting documentation requirements.

To apply for an extension, visit your unit’s Moodle site, click on the Support tab at the top, select the assessment extension request and pick the assessment you need the extension on. Attach your documentation, note your reasons for applying for the extension in the available comment box, and then submit. It is that easy, but if you get stuck, you can review Moodle’s student help guide to applying for assessment extensions.

If you have more questions about the process or support available or have ongoing health concerns that you would like to discuss, you can contact the Student Accessibility & Equity Service on 07 4930 9456 or email accessibility@cqu.edu.au

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