Why do some students need additional support?

Studying can be expensive, both emotionally and financially. This year, many students have been badly impacted by the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many have lost the work they rely on to finance their studies. Some are worried about family and friends in virus hot spots. Others are experiencing food and housing insecurity. Work experience placements have been affected, childcare arrangements disrupted, and family and community support networks impacted.

The University offers students on-going aid through counselling services, learning assistance programs, mentoring and peer group support networks and activities, and this year, through special food and technology aid programs to support study success. However, financial support can also be a key factor for success, and this is where we need your help.

The 2020 CQUniCares Appeal runs from 1-4 December, and aims to raise $120 000 – enough to support 20 scholarships and 20 emergency grants for students studying in 2021.

Emergency Grants are for immediate need. They can help a student in situations where they may unexpectedly, as a result of an emergency situation, find themselves without secure accommodation or food, means to pay essential utility bills or require urgent assistance for mechanical repairs or medical/healthcare access which negatively impacts their ability to continue with their studies.

“I began my Bachelor of Nursing studies in March this year in circumstances that were not ideal. My husband was recently out of work, I had a large outlay of school fees for my four school age children and the costs associated with my studies were not the priority. The grant was the only reason I was able to purchase supplies associated with my degree.

Amy, Bachelor of Nursing student and 2020 CQUniCares Student Emergency Grant recipient

Scholarships provide financial support and development opportunities to new and continuing students. The impact of a scholarship goes far beyond the immediate financial need, allowing students to feel supported and encouraged throughout their study. Scholarships enable students to complete their education and go on to support their families and give back to our communities.

Sean Camppbell

“As a single father and primary care provider for my three children, the financial strain of studying did have me questioning the future of my degree.”

Jacqueline Garrigan

“I had to quit my job as a manager of a branch in employment services because it was becoming very hard to balance work life and my studies.”

Noah Goldsworthy

“My scholarship has helped with the purchase of textbooks, uniforms and costs associated with placement.


The CQUniCares Annual Appeal will ensure students continue to have access to long-term support to start and stay at university (scholarships) and immediate help in an unforeseen crisis (emergency grants).

As our Appeal to support students in 2021 draws near, we hope you can support by donating or by signing up to be a CQUniCares Appeal Ambassador. Throughout the appeal, ambassadors will receive social content to share with their audiences to amplify the important fundraising message.

Colleen Dunne (https://cqunilife.com)

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