Scholarships – The good kind of chance

As Term 1 2021 Scholarship applications are now open, we asked current Nursing student and scholarship recipient, Inneka Lippitt, why she applied for her scholarship and what advice she would give to other students who are thinking of applying for a scholarship.

Keep reading to find out about Inneka and her scholarship story…

Scholarships… I had heard of the term but never really knew what they were, let alone how to apply for one! 

I thought they were something only the very elite, VIP students received.


It was not until I received an email from CQUni about scholarships stating that applications were now open that I decided to apply. 

So here I am now, lucky enough to be a recipient of the CQUni Cares Launch Scholarship.

Applying for a scholarship was an easy process where I filled in the online application form and attached the appropriate supporting documents. 

The best bit was that the scholarship team matched up my application with scholarships that I was eligible for, so it meant only one application, too easy!

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I never thought I would ever receive a scholarship, but it was the best decision I ever made.  

It’s been a great boost to my confidence and an even better boost financially to help with the costs of placements whilst still working, having a family and all the other commitments that go along.

I encourage anyone who is thinking about it to apply. You never know what you could receive. 

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Term 1 2021 Applications close on 08 January. Take this opportunity to apply now!

To apply for CQUniversity scholarships, complete the form that applies to you:

You will then be considered for all CQUniversity scholarships for which you are eligible.

We also recommend that you consider the range of external scholarships and bursaries that are available. To apply for an external scholarship or bursary, visit and refer to the Apply Now section for instructions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive a financial boost. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the scholarships team at  

Written by Inneka Lippitt.

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