Just Do It – Why you should apply for a scholarship

We asked CQU graduate and scholarship recipient, Jamiee Bateman, why she applied for scholarships and what advice she would give to other students who are thinking of applying for a scholarship.

Keep reading to find out Jamiee’s advice as to why YOU should apply for a scholarship…

I work part-time and have two active boys, so I knew heading into the first semester of full-time honours that this year was going to be tough. I thought: 

“If only I could make a little extra money so that I could take time off work if the pressure of study gets too much.”  

So, I took my chances and completed the generic online scholarship application which made the process so easy. No sorting through which scholarships I thought might apply to me.  

All I had to do was submit my application and the scholarship committee would do the rest.

In reality, I didn’t think anything would come from applying. I’ve never felt there was anything too special about me, and I figured the scholarship selection panels would agree. But I also thought that I had nothing to lose by applying.  

You can imagine my surprise when I was told that I had been offered the CQUniCares Launch Scholarship! While the CQUniCares Launch Scholarship was not a huge sum of money, it was enough that I could take some time off work when I needed to focus on my studies, and as a bonus, it provided me with enough funds that I could pay the fees to have my first open-access article published.  

Not only did receiving this scholarship provide me with financial aid, but it also fostered my self-confidence for the year of study ahead. 

There is a term referred to in psychology as Imposter Syndrome. This is where a person feels like they lack what it takes to be in the position they hold. 

It is something I know a lot of students experience as they progress through their studies. Receiving this scholarship made me realise that I am actually good enough to be here.  

This gave me the fortitude to put myself out there this year and try new things such as participating in an online conference and applying for a Summer Scholarship at CQUniversity. These are the things I would not have attempted if it were not for the confidence this scholarship gave me.

If I have any advice to anyone thinking of applying for a scholarship, it would be this:

Just Do It!  

Yes, it takes a little bit of time to put in your application but, think of this as practice for your future postgraduate or job applications. You have to be in it to win it. You never know what may come of it. Even if, like me, you don’t think you are good enough, someone might see something in you that you did not know you had. 

Big or small – it all helps!

You don’t need to receive a huge sum of money. Anything is better than nothing. I could never have guessed the hardships that lay ahead of us with COVID-19 when I applied for the scholarship. It truly was a blessing.

Now that you know the benefits of receiving a scholarship, it’s time to apply.

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive a financial boost. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the scholarships team at scholarships@cqu.edu.au.  

Blog written by Jaimee Bateman.

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