Orientation Our Way

In Term 1, 2021 CQUni is delivering a personalised online Orientation experience, giving you more session options and the flexibility to learn about the topics that matter to you.

The interactive and personalised program will connect you with lecturers, support staff, alumni, and your fellow students, online and on-campus. Whether you’re a new or continuing student, there’s something for everyone with Orientation Our Way.

To create your personalised Orientation schedule:

  • Register for Orientation TV.
  • Register for the optional Orientation Boost drop-in sessions.
  • Register for the optional on-campus social events.
  • Complete the Countdown to CQUni Moodle unit.

Keep reading to find out more…

Orientation TV (OTV)

Orientation TV is a live webinar for new students, bringing you short, fast-paced, informative sessions including How to Uni, Student Life, and Course Essentials. International students must also attend a session called International 101. Attendance is compulsory.

Each session will be held twice throughout the week, from 1 – 5 March 2021.

Register now via our eform.

Once you have registered, please add our events to your calendar so you have all of the session details and don’t forget to join us on the day. Find session dates, times, and Zoom access links, and then add these to your calendar:

  1. How To Uni Session 1
  2. How To Uni Session 2
  3. Student Life Session 1
  4. Student Life Session 2
  5. Course Essentials Session 1
  6. Course Essentials Session 2
  7. International 101 Session 1
  8. International 101 Session 2

Orientation Boost

The Orientation Boost series offers optional, online drop-in sessions, allowing you to create a customized Orientation schedule based on what you need and want to know more about. These sessions will be held during the Orientation week.

Drop-in sessions will include:

You get to choose what Boost sessions you want to attend, in addition to the compulsory OTV sessions.

All students are welcome to attend Boost sessions, including new and continuing students from all courses, including TAFE.

Please visit our website to register and for the Orientation Boost session details including dates, times and Zoom access links, and add these to your calendar so you don’t forget to join us on the day. 

Countdown to CQUni

Countdown to CQUni (Orientation Online) is an introductory Moodle unit, designed to inform, motivate, and empower you with the information you need to know before you begin your studies. This unit will help you start uni – before you start uni. Take a guided tour of what to expect from Moodle units, learn about making a study plan and unit requirements, and organise your student life.

To access Countdown to CQUni:

  1. Follow this link to Moodle
  2. Log in with your student number and password, and
  3. Self-enrol into ORIE12345: Countdown to CQUni.

On-Campus Social Sessions

When you’re not busy tuning into Orientation TV (OTV) and dropping in for Orientation Boost, join us on-campus for social events and networking opportunities with your fellow students and campus staff. Take this as an opportunity to make new friends and put faces to names of the people who are here to support you throughout your degree.

In line with COVID safe requirements, it is compulsory to register your attendance prior to the event as numbers may be limited. To register visit our On-Campus Social Sessions page and select the events you want to attend.

For the health and safety of other students and staff, if you feel unwell on the day of the event, we ask that you please stay home and do not attend campus. Instead, you can tune-in to Orientation OTV (OTV) and drop-in to an Orientation Boost session online.

Orientation Resources

Orientation events will commence from Monday, 1 March. We’ve prepared a range of resources including personalised digital name badges and a social media wall.

Use your name badge to introduce yourself in Zoom sessions and share on social media. When you have completed activities like the OTV and/or Boost sessions you can add these stickers to your name badge.

Example name badge with certifications

We will have a social media wall you can use throughout the week. Any photos or videos you post make sure you use the hashtag #CQUniOrientation to be featured.

Find out more, and create your personalised Orientation schedule at www.cqu.edu.au/orientation.

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