Be more confident in your studies with the new-look MyCQU

I am brimming with anticipation over the upcoming release of the new-look MyCQU Student Portal, which I helped co-design as a Student Advisory Panel volunteer. I took the opportunity to become a Student Advisory Panel volunteer, not only to add the experience to my resume – by demonstrating my activeness and engagement as a current student – but because I’m also someone who wishes to help shape the future of CQUniversity and its student cohort.

My experience involved multiple Zoom meetings with the project team, which allowed myself and other students to provide feedback on several different areas. As an IT student, the new-look MyCQU Student Portal excites me – the different views provide plenty of information without being overwhelming.

One of the areas of the new-look MyCQU Student Portal that will make you feel more confident in your learning journey than ever before is the ‘Study’ View. It’s a central location to manage your studies. For example, enrolling in units, viewing timetables or registering for classes.

The ‘Study’ View will clearly display currently enrolled units by year and term, with an ability to drill down into the detailed views of each unit that will provide information, such as enrolled classes, assessment items, resources (such as past exams) and staff contact details.

The intention of the ‘Study’ View is to incorporate all your study-related material in the one place. This helps you to feel confident in knowing that you are meeting course requirements and are on the path to success.

As a current CQUniversity student, the new-look MyCQU Student Portal, in my opinion, will benefit ALL students by providing a seamless, user friendly, mobile-first experience with personalisation and an intuitive interface being key features. This will enable you to see what is relevant to you as a student using any device, at anytime and anywhere.

With plenty more features, the new-look MyCQU Student Portal is set to enhance your student experience at CQUniversity

For more information on the new-look MyCQU Student Portal, including information on how you can become a Student Advisory Panel volunteer, visit the MyCQU Student Portal.

This blog was written by Rhys Cunningham, a Student Advisory Panel volunteer and Bachelor of Information Technology student, majoring in Software Development. Rhys is currently studying by distance in a small indigenous community called Hope Vale.

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