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What does ‘to feel supported by your university’ mean to you?

For me, it is about knowing that I am supported by different parts of the university, not just the teaching staff, during my online learning journey, given it is so easy to feel isolated.

The new-look MyCQU Student Portal will make that support even stronger, by providing content and guidance that is personalised, relevant and timely, based on my needs.

How do I know? I am a Student Advisory Panel volunteer and co-designed the mobile-first platform with CQUniversity. It was a very interesting experience!

Not only did I have the chance to give some input about its development, including the overall look and usability of it, but I got to meet other students from a range of locations and backgrounds.

Some features that are set to help me better manage my study commitments include:

  • The Checklist, which outlines the tasks I need to complete before the start of each new term.
  • The Calendar, which offers a consolidated view of key dates and events, including registered classes, Moodle assessment dates, term dates, social events, and public holidays. The calendar filters will enable me to customise what I see.
  • Notifications, that appear in the student portal as an additional form of communication. There will be three different types of notifications, including:
    • Change: to make me aware of changes that impact me. For example, a change to a class time.
    • Reminder: to remind me of an upcoming date or outstanding task that I need to complete. For example, an assignment due date.
    • Awareness: to highlight and promote new events, campus activities, and services that I might be interested in.

This means that no matter what stage I am at in my learning journey, I will be supported.

After all, University is about challenging yourself and learning new things with the right support.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out more information today at

This blog was written by current CQUniversity Doctor of Philosophy (Arts, Humanities & Education) student and Student Advisory Panel volunteer, Susan Burkett-McKee.

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