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Take it from me, I know how hard it is at different stages of study and life to keep on top of everything while trying to be an engaged student.

I’ve been that fresh out of high school full-time student, I’ve studied part-time while holding down a full-time job, and I’ve also been that mature-aged student completing part-time uni online, while working part-time AND juggling two kids under the age of three!

Yes, I’ve been all those different ‘types’ of student – and although it was harder at different stages to be an engaged student, it is still really tough at any stage to, ONE – know where to go to find the information I’m looking for, TWO – find out in advance what’s going on to be able to connect with my fellow students at various campus events and online activities, and THREE –  being able to easily access this information on any device without getting a repetitive strain injury from all the clicking and scrolling!

I know what you’re thinking…what does this dribble have to do with anything! Well let me tell you!

I have had the great opportunity to collaborate alongside CQUniversity students, where they have helped co-design the new-look MyCQU Student Portal that is coming later this year. And I believe this is going to tick-off all those three pain points that I just mentioned, to help you be engaged and enhance your student experience at CQUniversity.

You won’t be disappointed. The new-look MyCQU Student Portal packages content and information into intuitive sections and can even serve up personalised content to you based on things like your study format, your location, and where you are in your learning journey (e.g. first year or final year student).

Many students involved in the Student Advisory panel were super impressed with the ‘Discover’ view section of the new-look MyCQU Student Portal.

The ‘Discover’ view contains content collections that showcases relevant guides, articles and apps, and packages these up into sections such as ‘Campus life’, ‘News and events, ‘Get involved’ and ‘Social innovation’. The ‘Discover’ view will also spotlight major events and content such as orientation.

Finally, you’ll be able to use your mobile device to have all this information at your fingertips, as the new-look MyCQU Student Portal will be optimised for mobile usage.

I hope you’re as excited as me for the new-look Student Portal to launch! This is going to make such a difference to enable everyone to be an engaged student, no matter what stage of your learning journey you’re at.

For more information on the new-look MyCQU Student Portal, visit

This blog was written by Jodie Jackson. Jodie is a Senior Project Officer at CQUniversity and is a member of the CQURenew project team that is helping to enhance, improve and expand the student experience at CQUniversity.

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