Be part of our R U Ok? Day video

R U Ok? Day has become a national call to action to empower people to connect in supportive ways. This year it’s happening on Thursday, 10 September.

As a part of R U Ok? Day, we are asking you “How Do You Say Are you okay?” and how do you reply when asked that question? We want to share the ‘real ways people ask if others are okay’.  We recognise the complexity and sensitivity of mental health and that it’s often not a simple ‘are you okay?’ with a yes or no response.

We are compiling a video that will share student voices. Keep reading to find out more!

We are calling for you to submit a video of yourself telling us:

1. How do you ask the question “Are you okay?”

For example, you might ask exactly the question “are you okay” or you might use a different phrase, such as “how are you going today?” “How have things been lately?” “How are you doing at the moment?”

2. How do you respond when someone asks you “Are you okay?” and you aren’t?

For example, “Ahhh, I’ve been better actually”, or, “Not great today”, “I’m not too good, pretty stressed, thanks for asking.”

It can be in your own words and your own language. We are looking to represent a range of different ways of having this important conversation.

Student Instructions

Please ensure your video is:

1. Maximum of 15 Seconds

  • You can submit multiple videos if required.
  • For example, one video for How do you ask the question “Are you okay?” and one for How do you respond when someone asks you “Are you okay?” and you aren’t?

2. Recorded on a smartphone in landscape format

3. High quality image and sound.

  • Ensure there is no background sound and the image is not blurry.
  • Try not to move your phone around.
  • You can use a selfie stick if you have one.
  • Try and record in good lighting, avoid shadows and harsh light.

4. Ensure the background is neutral

  • For example, shoot with a plain background or somewhere like outside by the garden
  • Ensure there is no one else in the background.

5. Provide a transcript of your video and if recorded in another language, a translation of what you are saying. This way we can subtitle the video to ensure it is accessible to all.

Please submit your video and a word including your subtitles to by close of business Monday, 31 August.

Please note, this video will be shared on social media. It will be available for the public to view. We will be accepting your submission as consent to share your video.

We thank you for taking the time to undertake this activity and appreciate your contribution.

If you have any questions please contact Student Counselling and Wellbeing via

lucyastafford (

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