It’s Fast Mentoring Month! Fast track your career this August with alumni mentoring

CQUni Career Connection is an online mentoring tool that connects students and alumni (graduates) for one-on-one career conversations, feedback, and advice.

More than 350 professional industry mentors are waiting to hear from you. Keep reading for our top reasons why you should connect with a mentor this Fast Mentoring Month…

#1 Career Conversations

Short on time but still have key career questions? Find someone who’s been there and done that in the company or industry you’re interested in and book them for an informal chat about your career trajectory. This 30-minute informal chat can cover topics such as industry and employer insights, job search help and career assessment.

#2 Resume Critiques

Preparing a job application? Or perhaps you want your resume ready for the moment your dream position becomes available? Get feedback from industry insiders and learn how to take your resume or cover letter from good to great.

#3 Mock Interviews

Practice for your big interview with former company insiders who can tell you how to land the job. Conduct a 30-minute simulated real-life interview with 15-30 minutes of feedback.

#4 Start building your network now

Take the hassle out of networking – Alumni mentors are ready and available to help. Connect with as many different mentors as you like and grow your professional network before you finish your studies.

#5 Find out more about life after graduation

Are you worried about making the transition from student to graduate? Talk to someone who has already done it. Explore your potential career paths through the eyes of someone who has already made the journey.

Following their mentoring consultation, 72% of students felt confident or very confident to speak with industry professionals.

We know our students are often time poor. Unlike traditional mentoring programs, there is no lengthy time commitment. Consultations are designed to be one-off but can be long-term if you wish.

The online tool means you can participate no matter your location, without the need to exchange contact details. To prepare for your mentoring experience, there are resources available on CareerHub., including the employability scan which will help to identify skills you can develop with your mentor.

Signing up is easy and takes just a few minutes. Connect with an alumni mentor today!

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