Academic Integrity Case Study #3

Academic Integrity comes in many forms. To highlight the importance of upholding academic integrity, we have compiled a series of case studies.

Contract cheating and collusion is a serious breach of academic integrity.

Keep reading to find out about Karen and her academic misconduct case.

Karen has posted a coding and calculation question online including a partial solution. She is asking for help to finish her assignment, but any student currently enrolled in the unit at CQUniversity can also access and copy her work. Another student in her class has discovered the post and reported it to the Unit Coordinator. An investigation has identified Karen as the source and a case for collusion (allowing others to copy one’s work or answers in an assessment task) and contract cheating has been raised.


Karen is found to have breached the Student Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure for collusion and contract cheating.


  • Failing grade for the unit.
  • Exclusion for one term from CQUniversity.
  • Mandatory completion of the Foundations of Academic Integrity program (where penalties include permanent exclusion, the student would not be required to complete the FAI program).

It is your responsibility to ensure the work you submit is your own. If you’re struggling with an assessment or feeling overwhelmed, remember that there are a number of academic and study support services available to you, free of charge. CQUni’s online referencing guides are also a great resource to ensure you are referencing correctly.

Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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