My SUN Experience – Abbey

Abbey Gavin is a Bachelor of Nursing student who utilised the Start Uni Now (SUN) program at CQUniversity to get a head start on her study before leaving high school. Abbey shares the benefits she found in taking part in the program.

I heard about SUN after a meeting with my careers guidance officer which changed everything. I can’t believe that there are these alternatives, no one realises what other pathways and opportunities can be put in place. 

I am pleased to say that there was a chance, a turning point where there was a glimmer of hope. I was a little unsure about the idea of the expectations of the SUN pathway but was encouraged by the potential it had to facilitate another pathway to make my career possible.

Studying SUN was a struggle at times and hard but I am so grateful that I found the Sun Program. It helped me to develop a new motivation for my other school subjects and achieve three academic awards whilst completing papers for Uni.  I am now involved in various networking groups with my new uni friends which has helped with my new found confidence.

The support network was excellent! Teachers for high school, fellow class mates, uni officers and family all supported me and I was never afraid to ask for help when I needed it. Teachers were very aware of my situation and always were willing to engage and help me, they allowed me more time for uni while I was at school after completion of school work was finished.

The SUN program has given me loads of motivation and confidence within myself to do the best I can and opened a lot of opportunities for me. It gives you a really good introduction to what to expect when you start uni after completion of high school, if you chose the direct entry path.

Nursing is my dream occupation. For me, knowing I have made a difference to someone’s physical or emotional well-being would be an accomplishment that would give me a sense of pride and satisfaction, something I am passionate about, this is what I strive for.

When I’m qualified…. I can honestly say I will have completed a dream of mine to become a nurse. I don’t think study will be over for me.

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