Scholarship Myths Debunked

University students tend to shy away from applying for a scholarship merely based on false knowledge. The criteria for applying for a scholarship is completely different to the way Hollywood has portrayed and normalised the process.

After discussing with the CQUni Scholarships team and gaining a lot of information about the scholarships offered, who can apply and the process involved, I have been able to debunk five popular scholarship myths that students believe.

If you want to know the truth behind CQUniversity scholarships, keep reading.

Myth #1: You can only get a scholarship if you are a top scholar or athlete.

CQUniversity does NOT award scholarships solely based on academic merit or athletic ability. Anyone is capable of receiving a university scholarship even if they aren’t the best scholar or star athlete. Academic achievement is considered by selection panels whom look for consistent improvement rather than perfect grades.

There are a limited number of scholarships that are specifically for professional athletes or coaches however, athletic ability is not considered for any other scholarship at CQUniversity.

Whether you are a star athlete, canteen volunteer, weekend warrior or you shake your pom-poms with the cheer squad, CQUniversity encourages all students of all abilities to apply prior to each term. Highlighting your community involvement will shine a spotlight on your application. Check out the FAQ’s on the University’s scholarship website for some ideas.


Myth #2: You have to be a great essay writer to be considered for a scholarship.

You do not have to be the next Austen or Hemmingway to receive a scholarship. CQUniversity encourages students to tell their unique story however they feel most comfortable in telling it. This could be in an essay, through a PowerPoint presentation or even a storyboard that uses pictures and colour. Don’t be afraid to be creative and make your application more memorable. In saying this, your main focus should be on your writing. So, take your time in perfecting your pitch, telling your story and sharing your aspirations while also highlighting your involvement within your community.

To be considered for a scholarship, you need to complete an application and supply all supporting documents including your resume and unofficial transcript.


Myth #3: Most scholarship awards are small and are not even worth applying for.

It is always worth applying for a scholarship! Putting your scholarship application together might take some effort, but the end result could be life-changing. Your application is a small task compared to the benefits of the end result. The average CQUniversity scholarship is worth $4000. Over 1000 scholarships are awarded every year and vary from $1000 to $50 000 or more. CQUniversity have scholarships that cover tuition, textbooks and on-campus accommodation, however, most are paid in cash to take the financial pressure off students so they can focus on their studies.

Even if you are unsuccessful, the many skills that you develop in creating your scholarship application will be helpful in applying for future jobs and graduate positions.

The value of a CQUniversity scholarship is not only monetary but also often include benefits such as paid employment and entry into graduate programs. Scholarships, whether you are successful or not, can open a door to industry networking and additional professional development opportunities.


Myth #4: Scholarships are heavily weighted towards minorities and those in need of financial help.

CQUniversity prides itself on being inclusive and the University’s scholarships reflect that. They are designed to assist students from many different backgrounds.

Every student has to juggle their own study load along with other responsibilities such as work and family. CQUniversity understands that financial stress can impact a student’s academic performance, especially if a student has to decide between earning money or studying. You should never be in a situation where you might have to give up studying, it is important to CQUniversity to know how they can help you.

Studying at university is a serious and significant investment in your future, and just like any other investment, it requires careful and considered planning and discipline. If you struggle to make informed financial decisions, have a look at Blackbullion. Blackbullion is a fantastic online learning platform designed to empower students to make better financial decisions throughout their studies. The pathway “Starting University in Australia” explores the cost of student living and the importance of having emergency cash. Blackbullion can help you to be savvier about understanding loan contracts, identify money traps and strategies to manage existing debt. CQUniversity has partnered with Blackbullion and is free to all CQUniversity students and alumni. The only information that Blackbullion collects is your name, student email and student number – all of which are needed to create your log in.

CQUniversity scholarships are designed to address known financial pressures that students are most likely to experience throughout their studies. This might include costs associated with unpaid placements, attendance and compulsory residentials and other hidden costs of study. Some CQUniversity scholarships include selection criteria related to income. Although, despite what you may think, you do not have to be single or receiving Centrelink to be eligible. CQUniversity assess income from all sources including Centrelink or paid work. That is why it’s very important that you include any documentation that provides a clear picture of your financial situation when you apply for a scholarship.


Myth #5: You can only apply for a scholarship once.

100% fake news! CQUniversity encourages all students to apply for a scholarship at least twice per year – prior to Term 1 and 2. It doesn’t matter if your previous applications have been unsuccessful, try and try again. There are also many external scholarships on offer by organisations and professional/industry associations so make sure that you seek these out and apply to them as well.


Scholarship myths busted! Now that you know the truth about CQUniversity scholarships, you can get your applications ready.

Written by Eloise Arnold

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