What I find comfort in during the current social distancing

It’s important to look after yourself and make sure to look out for your mates. We asked CQUni graduates how they are finding comfort during this ‘new normal’. CQUni offer a number of support services to assist in study and developing healthy coping strategies during this time.

Spending time with family

Spending more time with my young family.  When work is full on, I often don’t get a lot of time during the week to spend time with my family.  With the COVID-19 restrictions, it has significantly increased my time at home with my family, which is great.  The time at home has made me reconsider what is important and now I am looking to incorporate some working from home for myself and my team even after COVID has passed.

Christopher Burgess (Master of Project Management, 2019)

My family is safe, happy and healthy.

Darren Delaney (Master of Advanced Safety Science Practice, 2017)

Getting to spend more time with my wife. She is now working from home, so we get to have lunch together and walk in the garden. It has been really nice. I hope she never has to go back to the office.

Jason Bird (Associate Degree of Building Surveying, 2007)

I believe we have learnt to appreciate simple things like hugs and physical contact as now we are unable to do this it has created a gap. We also have learnt the value of people and love.

Kellie Wellard (Bachelor of Learning Management, 2011)

The way everyone seems to be pulling together to help those less fortunate.

Bronwyn Turner (Master of Business Administration, 2019)

Family time. Taking the time out to spend with my loved ones that remind me there’s more to life than the run around rat race.

Nathan Graham (Bachelor of Public Health, 2019)

The love and snuggles from kids, their innocence is comforting.

Sandra Sear (Bachelor of Building Surveying and Certification (Honours), 2018)

Re-engaging with hobbies

The extra time I get with my dogs and working on hobbies that have fallen to the wayside over the years. Reading and doing crafts, writing, cooking and gardening fills up time in a productive and positive way.

Felix Parker (Bachelor of Psychological Science, 2018)

Cross stitch. Don’t judge… it’s really relaxing and full-filling creating masterpieces.

Jennifer Goodall (Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), 2020)

Being quietly in my home and garden, baking bread (sourdough … no judgements) and daily yoga first thing in the morning.

Megan McNamara (Master of Learning Management, 2013)

Getting re-engaged with my studies, reading additional books and contacting my friends that I may not have spoken to in person for a while. In my contact with friends speaking means speaking, not texting or engaging through social media. The power of conversation provides the opportunity to engage and to check that they are ok. You can’t do that properly via text or social media. 

Michael Lane (Graduate Diploma of Management, 2015)

Cooking and experimenting with food.

Peta Bosomworth (Bachelor of Education, 2000)

Staying active and productive

Going for regular walks, meditating and doing slight exercises.

Scott Hayes (Bachelor of Business, 2017)

Walking along the riverbank with my husband to just relax, unwind and touch base.

Sharon Dekkers (Master of Education Studies, 1994, Doctor of Philosophy, 2001)

Trying to stick to my routine as best as I could. People thrive off routines! I found that the moments where I was side-tracked was when I would worry or feel bored. These feelings are okay (especially when in the house for a while) however, it is important to acknowledge them and move forward. Do not stay in that place! I found it helpful to plan out my days so that they are productive, fun and joyful. Being at home a lot has been wonderful and I also get to spend more time with my housemate.

Talia Fiyen (Bachelor of Psychological Science, 2019)

Listening to Government advice, talk to friends to share new ideas each other.

Ellie Tse (Bachelor of Accounting, 2003)

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