Start TAFE Now Assessment Tips

Studying at university can become overwhelming. With the increased amount of assignments and reading you are required to complete, it can become quite stressful. Do not worry! We have shared our top tips for acing your study and assessments. Keep reading to find out!

Before you write, read

Not just read, but understand. Moodle contains an Assessment Block. You need to read all of the information found there. You also need to read the information found in your Unit Profile. Both of these can be found from the MyCQU Student Portal.

Your Unit Coordinator may also provide guidance in lectures, on an online forum, or in other documents on Moodle. Read all of this and then re-read it to make sure nothing goes over your head.

You don’t want to lose unnecessary marks because you didn’t fully understand the task.

Break it into bits

When you’ve determined what needs to be done, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and procrastinate.

Break the assessment into smaller, more manageable bits and designate enough time to tackle each of them comfortably. Remember, no running.

The Academic Learning Centre has a range of resources to assist you with academic writing. Don’t be afraid to visit them online or on-campus.

Read the feedback

Assignment markers give feedback to help you improve. If you receive feedback about your referencing, take note and avoid the same errors next time. Nobody wants to lose unnecessary marks. Successful students allow themselves to learn from their mistakes and are always building on their skills.

Need help after hours?

Let’s face it, we all study at odd hours when term is busy. It’s great to know that after-hours help is available after 5pm and on Sundays.

Studiosity gives you free, after-hours access to an exclusively trained network of tutors by simply visiting the Support block in Moodle. You can choose to drop off a file 24/7 and collect feedback within 24 hours. Alternatively, the online tutors are available 5pm – midnight, Sunday to Friday.

Ready to enrol into your next units?

Have you recently finished your unit of study? Not sure what to do next? Your course planner explains the sequence your study, so you know what you are study now and what’s coming up next. The Start TAFE Now team here is to help.  Contact us at for assistance!

Trouble keeping the train on track….Don’t Drop Out! Keep going!

Undertaking a Start TAFE Now course is a commitment to the journey filled with ups and downs.  There are definitely times where you feel like the train is going off the track!  Remember your initial decision in choosing to study a Start TAFE Now course was based around a career aspiration and how this course could provide a stepping stone to achieving that goal. 

We often see our peers in Year 11 or 12 at school take different pathways or change pathways because of external influences such as financial concerns, peer-pressure, perceived status of VET, lack of access or lack of flexibility.

The key to success is keeping central that the reason for beginning the journey while you ride out all the bumps and slides.  The Start TAFE Now course you are studying is preparing you to take the next steps on your career journey.  Along the way you are building capacities that will make you an employable graduate.  There is a range of people in your cheer squad ready to lift you up and support you when you need a hand.  Remember all these people are in your personal cheer squad, your CQU teacher, CQU support teams, peers, your high school, and most importantly your family.  Keep going!

Check out the library

Everyone imagines libraries as these big buildings filled with books and a few computer spaces that has this eerie silence to it.  The library is here for you during COVID 19.  Many students think the library is just for university students but as a Start TAFE Now student this is an important resource for you to access and succeed with your learning.  Our extensive online collections are available 24/7 and you can use Library Guides to explore and access a wide range of resources for your online learning. Our librarians are online and ready to assist with finding the information you need for your assignments, improving your search skills or accessing the readings and texts for your units.

CQUni is here for you throughout your course, no matter what you are studying or where you are based. Remember you can call us on 13 27 86 or submit a question online.

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