Shifting your focus – Reframing your mindset

Reframing our mindset provides us with an opportunity to think differently about the people around us, our relationships and situations to discover a new perspective.  Reframing has been described as someone looking through a camera lens.  As we look at the picture through the lens we can move closer or further away from the picture. Depending on the operator of the camera when looking at a view, a picture can sometimes be blurred or clear. Essentially the idea behind reframing our mindset is that a person’s perspective depends on the frame it is viewed in.  When the frame is moved, the perspective changes and their thinking and behaviour often will change too.

We can not control what is happening around us, but we can control the way that we respond, react and relate to others. Keep reading to find out more…

Three Ways to Shifting your focus – To Embrace Change

  1. Learn to Meditate –our brains are a muscle that require exercise to strengthen and improve the way we think and embrace changes that happen in our lives.  Meditation is a great way to start and conclude your day.  It increases our ability to focus, reduces stress and improves sleep. So, breathe in, hold, breathe out, and repeat continually to relax your body and clear any negative thoughts.
  2. Retrain your Brain – in the same way that we need to meditate to exercise our brains, we can retain our brain to notice positivity around us.  Write down three positive experiences that you have each day.  By noticing the positives around us we are retraining our brain to view the world through the beauty of nature and generosity of people to embrace change as an opportunity for growth and learning.
  3. Accept Change is Inevitable – our life journey teaches us that change is inevitable. Change is a natural part of life and we can either learn from it and adapt or be left behind.  Accepting change allows us to shift our focus on what is important, to take with us on this change journey.  While also letting go of mindsets that want to hold us back from moving forward.

Action Reframing Our Mindset

While working from home if you have a camera why not take the time to look through the lens and think about what situations may be occurring for you, your relationships, and how can you shift your focus to respond in a positive way.

If you have a journal or have started a journal during this time of change, use it.  Firstly, write down your feelings and take time to meditate on those emotions and shift any negative energy that you may be holding onto.  Secondly, write down your behaviours or the way you have been responding to situations – have they been positive or negative?  Keep it real to who you are and be honest as you begin to work on the negatives so you can learn through this journey.  Finally, write down what you are thinking, has it been building you and others up or has it been tearing you and others down?  Journaling is an opportunity to shift our focus, while being real with ourselves. 

The three ways to shift your focus is just some strategies that you can adopt to help you reframe and work through change.  Please use these tools and make them apart of your routine as you grow personally and professionally.

We want to hear from you!

What have you already tried? What’s working for you?

We want to hear about your journey please share a silver lining or a new perspective that you may have observed or been surprised by because of COVID 19 and how we can learn new strategies to help us become more adaptable to change by shifting our focus and reframing our mindset.

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