7 tips for making a start in your Start TAFE Now course

Are you about to start your Start TAFE Now course? Feeling a little overwhelmed or don’t know where to start? We have come up with 7 tips for you.

Check out our list below!

1. Read our guide

CQUniversity has developed the Study Preparation Guide, a great resource designed to introduce you to CQUniversity and prepare you for the learning journey ahead.  We have included information about systems, policies, finances, and how to stay connected and access support services. Keep this document on file for future reference throughout your journey as a Start TAFE Now student.

2. Keep good communication with your teacher

This is important for ensuring your success with your learning.  Use your student email for all communications as it is your official communication channel to stay in touch. Make sure you are checking it regularly and reading your emails.


3. Set up good study habits

Your teacher will provide you with a plan for what learning they need you to complete.  Make sure you review this regularly and consider how much time you need to commit ensuring your learning tasks are completed. Check out our blog on how to study online.


4. Learn the systems

CQUni has many systems. Moodle is a key system which hosts your unit content and information required for you to learn. Explore your Moodle page so you are familiar with the content and functions.  If you are having IT issues get in touch with TaSAC, our IT team.


5. Connect with our student support services

CQUniversity offers a range of services to assist you in developing the personal resilience and skills needed to achieve your academic and personal goals. Some of our services include:

Even if you don’t need it straight away, get to know the support available to you.


6. Join a club or society

Study at university isn’t all work and no play. Clubs and societies (CGS) are available for students who have a passion, hobby or interest and want to share it with other students. Whether it’s sport, yoga, law, physiotherapy or board games, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from.

If there’s no club or society for your interest, you can start one of your own! Get in touch with the Student Representative Council at CQUniversity and get involved while you study!


7. Get involved with social media

Whether you want to share your experience, ask a question or engage with your peers, CQUniversity is active on:

There are also groups run for students studying in each location that you can join for information that directly affects you.

Our CQUni Student News Facebook page shares news, opportunities and information for all students.

Make sure you use #CQUni whenever you are posting on-campus or about your CQUni experience and visit our website for more information about social media at CQUniversity.


CQUni is here for you throughout your course, no matter what you are studying or where you are based. Remember you can call us on 13 27 86 or submit an enquiry online.

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