Tips to get the most out of your study

Hindsight is everything. We asked graduates how they made the most of their study to ensure they got the most out of their experience at CQUni. Their responses are below.

Stay engaged with your course content

Put in 110% effort. Once you graduate and get into the real world, you will use everything you have learnt, so make sure you put in a great effort. There are things you won’t have learned in university, but if you have the basics down pact you won’t be able to thank yourself enough!

Melanie Hull (Bachelor of Learning Management, 2015)

Take the time to schedule your work times and stick to them. If they are not working, then you need to rearrange your calendar and select study times that work with your quiet and productive times.

Annette Sommerville (Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety, 2010)

Plan ahead. If possible, find out the readings before any lectures and make notes. Set up folders on your computer for each assignment and each week allocate a few hours to each assignment, whether it is information gathering or writing.

Bronwyn Turner (Master of Business Administration, 2019)

Listen, explore, question and validate your interest.

Susan Mott – (Bachelor of Social Work (Honours), 2018)

Keep track of the time you spend studying. It seems simple, but actually write it down in a type of diary. You might find that you’re not really studying nearly as much as you think you are.

Glenn Dopson (Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety, 2019)

Apply yourself. Study and assignments won’t get done without putting in the hard yards. The more effort you put into your study, the more benefit you will get out of it.

Luke Giles (Bachelor of Health Promotion, 2010)

Understand the concept of the course unit. Sometimes we hesitate to ask for help but believe me, once you have a chat with your lecturer, he or she will definitely give a proper explanation to you and after that, your studies will get easier and you will be more confident to complete your tasks.

Nagma Ramsewak (Bachelor of Laws, 2019)

Don’t just complete tasks and readings but make the most of the opportunity to access the resources and commit to memorising the knowledge that you will have access to. It’s not as easy to find the kinds of resources once you graduate as what is provided to you by CQUniversity!

Naomi Robinson (Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), 2018)

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It’s okay to make mistakes

It’s okay to get it wrong. If you think you’re falling behind, ask for help. Not everyone is good at everything and you’re there to learn. Doing those weekly activities before a lecture or tutorial will give you a chance to work out what questions you’ll need to ask when in that class.

Caitlin Crabbe (Bachelor of Digital Media, 2018)

Keep a positive attitude. A positive person sees a textbook as containing everything they need to ace their assessments and grow their knowledge. A positive person sees an exam as a chance to prove that they have what it takes to pass university and succeed in their chosen field. Attitude is everything.

Chris Buckley (Bachelor of Accounting, 2016)

Discover your learning style. What works best for you may be different from others. Learn your style and make the most of it.

Susan Scarr (Bachelor of Health Promotion, 2011)

Make the time! Ensure you are entering your studies with enough time in your life and current situation to be able to dedicate yourself to your studies. If studying adds additional pressure to an already busy and stressful life, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Corinne Aiken (Bachelor of Professional Communication, 2013)

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Most of all, enjoy it

Make it fun and memorable. Make sure you take lunch breaks with other students, create study groups and share your knowledge and. Choose courses that you enjoy as well as the ones you need to and make bold decisions. Make sure you always submit your best work, always read the feedback and better yourself for the next body of work.

Amanda Clark (Bachelor of Nursing, 2006, Master of Clinical Practice, 2014)

You’re not alone on your study journey – there are always people here to help you. CQUniversity has an abundance of great resources and support services, but don’t forget that friends and family are also a great support system. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out.

Codi Horton (Diploma of Business Studies, 2017)

Enjoy it. During my studies, I didn’t really appreciate the information that I was attempting to learn. Now I wish I had paid more attention and tried to learn more than I had to. Now I want to go back to university and learn more.

Layne Hurst (Bachelor of Digital Media, 2018)

Interact with others and listen to your peers. It’s essential that you gain ideas, feedback and opinions from others to improve your own work and broaden your understanding.

Lucy Stafford (Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Professional Communication, 2018)

You might be shy but don’t be afraid to talk to your peers and get to know them. Knowing just one other person will make you feel a lot better about going to university.

Krystal Perger (Bachelor of Nursing, 2016)

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