The most important thing you will learn during your time at CQUniversity

University is the perfect time to develop new skills and make new connections. There are so many great opportunities to learn outside of the classroom – so we asked our graduates what their biggest learning was. Their responses are below.

Get to know your fellow students

The people around you are the future of the workforce you are also trying to get into, and like all workforces, the power is in teamwork. Start now, build relationships that matter and that can grow and improve the industry you work in in the future.

Amanda Clark – (Bachelor of Nursing, 2006, Master of Clinical Practice, 2014)

Network with other students, especially if you are an international student. They will be your family while you are away from home

Jhouanna Maya – (Master of Human Resource Management, 2017)

The importance of networking. Make connections and get to know other students. At some point down the track, you might run into them in your profession, business, or just as good friends.

Glenn Dopson – (Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety, 2019)

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Time management is key!

Time manage, prioritise and understand the times of day that you are most productive.

Annette Sommerville – (Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety, 2010)

Know how to manage your time effectively. At first, I was horrible at time management because I had never had to do so much work all at once and didn’t know how to handle it. By the end of my studies, I have become a lot better at it, and it helps with my new career.

Layne Hurst – (Bachelor of Digital Media, 2018)

Plan ahead, make lists, set a schedule and keep communication lines open to other peers and lectures.

Ellie Johnston – (Bachelor of Property, 2018)

Be organised and prepared. Prior preparation prevents poor performance. The second most important thing is to be involved. Immerse yourself in the university experience, join a club, play a sport, help with committees, or even verse someone new in a game of pool at the birdcage.

Lucy Stafford – (Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Professional Communication, 2018)

Learn how to juggle work, family, study and social commitments. 

Scott Hayes – (Bachelor of Business, 2017)

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Look at the big picture

Understand the bigger picture of what your university education is providing you. It is not just assignments, exams, lectures and tutorials. The knowledge you gain is the building blocks from which you will build your career and your future.

Chris Buckley – (Bachelor of Accounting, 2016)

Shift your thinking from being a student who is studying purely to complete assignments and get good marks and try to think of yourself as a professional who is learning the skills that will carry you through your future career. Try and be present and aware when learning and think of ways you might apply things in the real world. 

Corinne Aiken – (Bachelor of Professional Communication, 2013)

I can tell you with absolute reassurance that you will change your mind about what you want to do after study; then you will change it again and then again. And this is okay! It means you are finding your place in this new world and chasing your passions as they reveal to you.

Krystal Perger – (Bachelor of Nursing, 2016)

To stick to the study plan, don’t waste time procrastinating, follow the plan entirely. Don’t put off a task for tomorrow.

Marie Le Lagadec – (Bachelor of Nursing, 2014)

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Embrace learning

It’s okay to ask questions and sound silly/or not silly. Chances are someone else is probably wondering the same thing too. You are all learning about something new… Why not ask questions? It’s the only way we learn!

Melanie Hull – (Bachelor of Learning Management, 2015)

Loving the course that you are studying. Try to attend all the classes and tutorials. Keep up with the workload, including course readings and textbooks reading. To avoid the pressure, it is essential to submit all assignments by the assessment deadline. Do not leave assignments or exam study until the very last day. Getting involved on campus is an excellent opportunity to learn new things.

Nagma Ramsewak – (Bachelor of Laws, 2019)

Value others and their experiences – you will learn just as much from them as you do from your study.

Theresa Grinstead – (Graduate Certificate in Maintenance Management, 2007)

Whether that be on online forums, Facebook group chats or face to face meetings, just TRY and be a bit social?! Using your peers opens up ways of thinking about tasks or concepts in ways that you usually might not. Also, exam study becomes a shared effort when you communicate with your peers! 

Naomi Robinson – (Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), 2018)

Explore your values and beliefs, your knowledge and perceptions of others and experience the diversity of your peers.

Susan Mott – (Bachelor of Social Work (Honours), 2018)

To research. Many times you will have a problem which is either internal in your company or a client, that doesn’t add up or is totally new. This will entail you having to find new solutions. Being a researcher throughout your entire working life and reading will provide ways to find new ideas.

Peter Mclarty – (Bachelor of Information Technology, 2002)

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