2020 Highlights of Orientation

CQUni campuses across Australia hosted Orientation events last week creating excitement among our first-year students. Each campus welcomed new and returning students and provided a taste of university life.

Attendees had the opportunity to get to know our student services, campus life committees, academic staff and other students at information sessions, market stalls and social events.

We captured all the fun that happened across the nation and wanted to share it with you! Keep reading to view the highlights of orientation and to see if you and your mates were snapped! 

What did our students like the most?

Students had great reactions and comments about this year’s orientation. The stalls were a big hit, allowing students to learn what is on offer and available at CQUni. Students especially enjoyed the social events as it allowed them to interact with other people and immerse themselves in the uni experience. Our international students loved the wildlife sessions. Some of them having their first experience with Australian animals.  

We asked two first-year nursing student what they thought about orientation.

Our Social Highlights

Our social media featured OWeek and captured key moments. You can see the excitement and enthusiasm our new students had.

Local Media Coverage

Our local news also made captured the excitement on several campuses. Check out the coverage.





Orientation is a key event on the University’s academic calendar, providing new students with information and skills they need to succeed.

If you couldn’t make it to an Orientation event, don’t miss our upcoming OMG Week events hosted by the Student Representative Council. We are also holding catch up sessions for International students.

All new students are also encouraged to complete Countdown to CQUni (Orientation Online).

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