What is Golden Key Honours Society? Strive to achieve more in your study!

In all honesty, I had no clue what the Golden Key Honours Society was until I received an invitation in the mail. Once I had wrapped my head around it, I was thrilled to be recognised and invited to join the society (as you cannot apply, it is invitation only!). Students from all around the world who are within the top 15% of academic achievers in their university are eligible to become members of the global society.

The Golden Key Society opens exciting doors and opportunities such as scholarships including travel grants and research grants all over the globe, access to exclusive networks including regional and international leadership summits, career advancement opportunities including internship access and resume development and global recognition and acknowledgement – just to name a few!

All these experiences extend beyond your local university community are very privileged opportunities, however, Golden Key is aimed to recognise students’ dedication and overall hard work in their chosen studies to achieve impressive scores and outcomes.

The core values of the society are academics, leadership and service and upon attending my welcome ceremony at CQUni Rockhampton campus, I realised how special and significant this society really is. These 3 core values are represented in what it means to be a successful and competent teacher in the 21st century so, to be part of a society that is connected to my own studies and personal philosophy, it is truly special.

This society is one of the many opportunities that are available to CQUni students that encourage growth, allow recognition beyond the classroom, ignite inspiration and drive within themselves and others. I truly believe striving for more than the ‘C’s get degrees’ approach will prove more rewarding in the long term and provide you with an edge for future employers. Out of hundreds of graduates with the same diploma, what is going to set you aside from everyone else? What makes you stand out? What makes your degree special? Use these opportunities to stand out (and keep an eye on your mailbox)!

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