Get organised for Term 1 in three simple steps

Don’t you love that feeling when you tick something off your To Do List? Like going Marie Kondo on your wardrobe, organising your enrolment now will have you feeling bright and energised for the start of term.

So, let’s get to it. Keep reading for our top tips…

1. Track your enrolment with a course planner

If you haven’t already done so, download your course planner.

To ensure the quickest and smoothest pathway to complete your course, it’s important to understand your course structure, choose the right units (subjects), and explore any major, minor or elective options that could be available to you.

Course planners are a super handy resource that allows you to see what units you need to complete and when you need to complete them. And you can tick them off as you go (oh so satisfying!).

2. Enrol in MyCentre

Once you know the units you should be completing, head over to MyCentre to enrol. 

First, log on to MyCentre with your student details and select My Study. From here, you can manage your course.

If your course requires you to select a major, minor and/or electives, use the search option to find and add these to your study plan. When you have located the unit you wish to add, select Add to Plan.

Next, select Plan and Enrol and drag and drop your units into the Unscheduled section, make sure you refer to your course planner.

Now you need to plan a study period. Click the Plan a study period button, select the year and study period you wish to add by the drop-down options and click ok.

Finally, you can enrol in your planned units. Select Enrol from the top of the relevant column.

The study plan will now reflect if you are enrolled or not enrolled. To confirm your enrolment, always generate an Enrolment Advice. To do this make sure you are in the Forms section of MyCentre and select the Enrolment Advice form to fill out. Select the academic year and a report will be sent to your student email account.

See here for the full set of instructions.

3. Plan your study schedule

This is the fun step, finding out when you get to go to class!

If you are studying online, you won’t have a timetable. Use the unit profile to dive straight into your study schedule. You can access the schedule from each unit profile to find out the topics and readings each week, as well as when assessments are due. 

DID YOU KNOW: Even if you are an online student you can still attend lectures on any CQUni and use CQUni campus and study centre facilities. 

If your course requires you to attend residential schools, see the unit overview in the CQUni Handbook which details the residential school requirements. Keep reading to see how to register for your residential schools.

If you are studying mixed-mode or on-campus, you will have a weekly timetable. Once you have enrolled in unit/s you must access the My Timetable option from the homepage of MyCQU Student Portal.

From here, you can either let the system select classes for you by selecting the Make My Choices option. Alternatively, you can choose your own classes. Select Show classes and you can then select and register for class times.

Ensure you select Save Choices when you are completing you timetable selection for both options.

Check out our timetable instruction sheet for more information on creating and changing your timetable, along with what to do if you have clashing units.

TIP: If your class location are changed your lecturer will inform you via your student email. Ensure you are regularly checking your student email.

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