You’ve just started Uni – here’s what to make the most of

Finishing your degree opens a whole world of opportunity. As a new wave of university students embark on their study journey, we asked graduates what they miss most about studying. Make the most of the aspects of study outlined below! Some may seem tedious, but in a short time, you may miss it too. There’s an array of learning support available for CQUni students, so be sure to make the most of it.

Having a clear direction

I knew, week to week, exactly what was expected of me and how much I needed to achieve each week.

– Marie Le Lagadec (Bachelor of Nursing, 2014)

The ability to concentrate solely on learning. This is one of the only times in life where one can focus strictly on learning new material, and it’s an amazing opportunity to delve deep into the content in which you are studying.

– Arthur Pegios (Bachelor of Information Technology, 2017)

Being in an active learning environment that made me want to sit down and study. It kept me motivated to learn as much as I could about my subject.

– Caitlin Crabbe (Bachelor of Digital Media, 2018)

The term-by-term changes in content that meant I was always learning something new and working out how to do things in new ways.

– Felix Parker (Bachelor of Psychological Science, 2018)

The connections I made and the opportunities available while studying. It was a great time to grow personally and professionally, assisting with my career journey upon graduating. I had fun meeting other students and staff at various events around the university.

– Claire-Marie Pepper (Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Security, 2017, Bachelor of Science (Honours) 2018)

The excitement of learning

I was studying while working so I could really relate what I was learning to my work. I was keen to gather as much knowledge as I could to help me with my job.

– Theresa Grinstead (Graduate Certificate in Maintenance Management, 2007)

Having so much time dedicated to learning. It’s easy to get stuck in the mindset of feeling really busy with lectures, assignments and exams (and this can be accurate at times), but it’s great to have the opportunity to learn, often without the pressures of other things in life such as full-time work.

– Luke Giles (Bachelor of Health Promotion, 2010)

The academic rigour which I developed by reading widely and writing daily.

– Sharon Dekkers (Master of Education Study, 1994)

The flexibility of getting your work done. You can do your uni work at the library, on campus, in your bed, or at the beach. It makes studying more enjoyable when you have flexibility and aren’t required to do every single bit of study at a desk on campus.

– Melanie Hull (Bachelor of Learning Management, 2015)

The structure of study and assignments

Learning something new every day, the busyness of combining study with work and family life and surprising myself with my ability to research, write and reference.

– Susan Scarr (Bachelor of Professional Communications, 2010, Bachelor of Health Promotion, 2011, Graduate Certificate in Tertiary and Adult Education, 2012)

Working under pressure to complete assignments before the deadline. But I also think that I had a lot of time to dedicate to my studies and had enough time to give priority to my assignments and revision.

– Nagma Ramsewak (Bachelor of Laws, 2019)

My classmates and teamwork with them, inspiring life stories from lecturers and the positive atmosphere where one can believe in themselves.

– Subash Basnet (Master of Professional Accounting, 2017)

The learning, which I know you can do in your own time, but when there is a goal and deadline and support from the teacher and other students, it’s much easier to stay focused and engage in the topic.

– Glenn Dopson (Associate Degree of Occupational Health and Safety, 2015, Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety, 2019)

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