CQUni’s Study Hubs: How they can benefit you

Whether you wish to study on-campus or online, CQUniversity’s expansive range of campuses, study hubs and centres makes finding the perfect study space easy. With a total of 16 campuses across Australia, 11 regional locations in Queensland alone and five CBD campuses in a range of cities, CQUni has great facilities.

This large array of campuses, hubs and centres provides access and support for CQUni students across Australia, as well as an incentive for those looking to study at CQUni.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect is the specialised study hubs and centres that allow students to access facilities and services that may otherwise be unavailable.

The CQUni study hubs are decked out with everything a student could need, including computers, workstations, printers, photocopiers as well as video conference rooms, social areas and staff assistance.

The hubs aren’t just promoted to rural students either. City-based students, as well as online and mixed-mode students, also have full access to the benefits of the study hubs.


Another exciting aspect is the areas are designed for group study and collaboration, along with more isolated and quiet areas, which accommodate everyone’s individual study style.

Personally, I am thrilled by the idea of such a varied study area as it plays perfectly to my own study style. The best way for me to work or study is in a quiet and isolated space, which the study hub accommodates. As I have a tendency to fiddle and get distracted, an area like these study hubs would allow me to work efficiently without the temptations found in my own home or office.


The benefit of having a very accessible support system is another feature that I am looking forward to as I am someone who tends to stress and overwork. The knowledgeable and friendly staff at the study hubs will be a major help too.

The hubs also serve as a way for students to make connections and experience a diverse amount of career opportunities, study opportunities and much more due to the wide accommodation these spaces offer.

The prospect of studying without worrying about proximity or location is a breath of fresh air for those who are positioned in rural Australian towns, but the hubs also cater to those who require a bit of peace and quiet to study. As a soon-to-be high school graduate, university life is both a daunting and exciting thought, but the presence of these hubs and centres that are designed to help students makes the idea a little less scary.

For more information on our CQUniversity study sites and how they can support you along your study journey, visit the CQUni Locations page

My name is Chilli Crawford, a Rockhampton-based Year 12 students with a passion for journalism and writing.

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