Five reasons to stay safe with SafeZone

There are times when an email simply won’t reach you fast enough. To make sure we can contact you as quickly as possible, the University uses the SafeZone app as a communication solution for emergencies, first aid requests and more.

Here’s why you should download the app today…

#1 Easy to use

SafeZone is a free, easy to use mobile app. To download the app, visit the iOS App Store, Google Play  or the Windows Phone Store, and search for ‘SafeZone’.

To set up your app, open SafeZone and sign-up using your student email address. Don’t use a personal email address as this will not allow you to register.

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#2 Two-way communication

The app doesn’t just send you alerts from us. SafeZone allows you to notify us of an unfolding emergency or submit an urgent request for help or first aid.


#3 Connect with security on-campus

You can also check-in with the app if you’re studying after hours, and contact security if you feel unsafe or would like someone to accompany you back to your car.


#4 Notification updates

SafeZone will connect you with updates as they are released through the Notifications section. In the event of a lock down, the app will let you know when it’s safe to return to business.


#5 No risks to privacy

SafeZone does not and cannot track your location until you send an Emergency Alarm or make a Help or First Aid call. All information that you provide as a SafeZone user is also protected by Federal and State Privacy Laws.

Read about the privacy provisions at


SafeZone will communicate alerts during severe weather events, off-campus emergencies that may affect the safety of our staff and students, and incidents that may trigger the need for a lock-down on campus. Along with this the app will also allow you to request first aid, call for help or alert us to an unfolding emergency.

Trust us, SafeZone is important.


If you haven’t already done so, download and set up SafeZone on your mobile today. Find out more at

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