Small start leads to big change

Social innovation can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be.

CQUni Master of Management for Engineers graduate, Bikesh Lal Shrestha believes it can be as simple as making small changes in our everyday life.

“Social innovation does not have to be a big invention. It could be a simple change in the way of doing something or approaching a situation that results in better outcomes.”

Originally from Nepal, Bikesh has always been passionate about helping people and solving social issues, and credits CQUni’s online iChange program for teaching him the basics of social innovation.

Keep reading to learn more about Bikesh’s experience with iChange, and how you can get started with the program.   

What motivated you to get involved with social innovation at CQUni?

The opportunity to become a Change Champion Ambassador in Sydney campus was the reason how I got involved in social innovation. I have been interested in solving social issues from my country and being here I just got to learn more about different ways we can look at a social issues and how we can work on it.

Can you describe your experience with iChange?

I completed iChange after I got into the role of Change Champion Ambassador.

It took me around 2 hours approximately to complete this course.

This course was the first one that helped me explore the history, present and future of social innovation and how we can bring changes in our life. Social innovation is a very vast topic and this course helped me to understand the basics of this topic.

It is very interactive, and you don’t have to complete it at once. You can save your progress and you can complete the course in your own free time.

Why do you think other students should complete iChange?

Because it helps them to understand what social innovation is and how they can innovate in their daily lives. Above all, it helps you to become a wiser person.

Ready to learn more about social innovation? Change your world and kickstart your career with CQUni’s iChange today.

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  1. Thank you Ashleigh, for sharing with us readers such an interesting yet informative article on Social Innovation and the changes that it can bring about in daily life of students especially. I should say it a very commendable read and discovering what small changes to daily life can make a major difference to the whole picture of life is very encouraging to try and be part of Social Innovation.

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